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Some of you will want to know that if I ever find the time //blueabsurdist.thoughts.com is going to become a much better http://www.blueabsurdist.org than it is this afternoon.  [June 16, 2013]

Nobel Peace Prize – “Shock & Awe “

June 8, 2013 by blueabsurdist

Steve, we know that in your position you could hardly be expected to know with whom you are speaking but I’m from Sainte Anne’s.

The Nobel Prize committee notes that you are an unorthodox phenomena in style for a Peace Prize but your war correspondent – absurdist comedic delivery leaves your readers with a “shock & awe” on every statement.

There are however five [again] phenomenal candidates preceding your nomination which will probably put you on the list in the next few years.

“I’ll try not to blow it!”

Not the least of the ‘shock and awe’ are the fortuitous find you made on the Internet of the public photos from the various nuclear armed countries of thermonuclear uncontained reactions.

Despite the obvious lack of friendship you will know already what your poetry means to the ladies.

We would tell both you and the ladies that we would say there are 12 above outstanding candidates who are on the Literature Prize list for some time considerably longer than you. [At which point I note that having seen 2 Angela Mayou poems on the Internet I have been tested occasionally including Thursday, so I had to ask. Ms Mayou stands at number 3 while my wife Michelle Janelle stands in the mid-thirties. We are the only 3 poets currently on the list.]

I say God bless you and may the Peace of God, our Lord Jesus, continue to reign with you! [Saint John in red.] to Michelle and her friends Quebec Delegation, Holding. I will always want to dance with the ladies who brought me to the dance when I have enough rhythm to learn to dance.

Thank you for support, King Gustav. The Montreal Police Department brought me great comfort this morning as well.

Thank you my Michelle for my children announcing that ‘my father, Steve, is our mother’s love of her life.’


Perri Klass of course is the stage name of the homosexuals at harvard.  Remember male bestial atheist hate, when all else fails it was the ladies who did it!!!

A word about the term “nigger.” [A term most recently in the English language referring to someone who was stumped by  the British Navy.  [Oh, and by the way, one of Canada's Provinces gives a "civil service" credit when looking at immigration and employment.  I think it is Saskatchewan.]]  It must be coming from massachusetts general hospital.  It does not come through properly here but I am told even the boston glob threatened mass general in the recent past for saying it was the glob rather the mass general.  When I can hear better…

Raggedy Anne loves Raggedy Andy


Raggedy Anne loves Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Anne loves Raggedy Andy






Once upon a time annapolis and harvard conspired to engender not only the united states with hate but the rest of the world as well. 

While reading about the war in Central America in the late 70′s I noticed that the Church was still conducting its children’s pagents and parades as great celebrations.

Then I wrote a letter to my friend in Mumbai telling him my thoughts.

I told him that I had oftened wondered some mystique I say now about the Church when no one had ever been here. Which is to say the news media delivered a wish you were here from Pope John-Paul ll after having also done so for Pope Paul Vl.

I watched as Time magazine printed pictures of afl-cio buttonholing men in coffee shops and bars and the Churches pageants, noting about the Churches pageants that the Cardinals and Bishops of Central America were involved in Liberation Theology which is Church leadership of socialism.

AND that Cardinal Romero I believe it was of Nicaragua and Cardinal de Silva of el Salvadore were under death threat from non-elected paramilitary governments.

When the deaths squads were looking for the good Cardinals they easily found them leading children’s pageants…


 My three dear Blue Seahorses and now two more Blue Seahorses – Heidi and Barbie:

I hope your mount in Alberta has not gotten tired yet – although I know your 17 year old stud is a relative of john mccain’s.

It must be peaceful at the lake and I know you like the Glacier-Waterton brown trout you catch from the island in the lake.

In my palms
Is life held dearest
So serene and calm.
My hands have grasped
At the light air
And have caught hold
Of life so bold
It is become fairest.
Dreaming while asleep
That I am wholly awake
Leaves me wondering now
About just how
It is that I know
That life while awake
Could ever be
So serene and calm.
Will I ever awake
From a night of dreams
After discovering the seams
Of my pillow burst
Leaving my dream
Covered in fluff
Drifting downward
All around my head?
Now my dream
As well as my head
Lies upon my bed
So serene and calm
That I will pitch alms
Into her basket
Wishing my life’s tasks
Will be taken
Into my hands firmly
And molded likewise
So serene and calm.

Life Held Dearest”
(First Sunday in November, 2008)


I have ordered your Mother Michelle, Grandmother Megan and their friend Julie to join you  and ask if you would help write for Blue Seahorse’s Reef and etc.


Really, really hurt

I note that I know that Michelle Rose loves me so much!!!  I also note that [and with the other ladies occasionally] that after listening to hate yell at me that she seems distraught.  I wonder how many times hate has been successful in leaving a woman missing a few gears in her computer.

Et tu Bono?

Et tu Red Rockers Beer Emporium?
Even Mick never heard this do-do till a woman told him what she heard in my gas chamber.
“I’m a navy officer, “ from the secret mikes. “You think I’m stupid! I wrote half your website.”
“I don’t want you! Want me! Want me! I command you to want me. [Well, you laughed at “Bedazzled.”]
“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I don’t want you to publish.
Help! Help! Stupid is being terrible to the feeble minded. Help!

I never intended…
I never intended…
I never intended…
Reach. Reach. Reach for sex that is not there. Complete the sentence so ted and I will know how>
You’re f’d. You’re f’d.
I know I sound queer but I’m a navy nigger. Really! Take me seriously. I’m a navy!!!”

“I’m just as good and annapolis.”
I’m just as good as harvard.”
“Let’s hold hands and read quotes from Walter Reuther while he machine gunned some man’s family for insubordination.”

God has engendered me
A kiss from the Black Emperor
Before all the dark days
Remaining before eternity
Catch us and just me
Rejoicing to stand naked
Before the God of us as well as me.

The stain from Black Emperor’s kiss
Leaves a stain on both my father’s face
And my wife’s three Graces.
I live in disgrace before the devil
For the hoary black tattoo
That marks my face
As God’s nearest place
For Black Emperor’s Haldol mace.

Hate has engendered the trees
A need for an epiphany flip
Before black ink stains their lips.
Cream never relieves the seething
Left when beelzebub’s babies teethe
While chasing my gentle and meek
Who with God the Father seek
The wisdom known only to One
Where love has truly conquered total hate.

“uncle sam’s bargain”
(Day after Memorial Day)


Dust to dust:

Everything this morning is as it was before Michelle came to see me before Christmas, 2005 EXCEPT:

I have three children.
Pauline Marois is Premier of Quebec.
Catholic Sisters of Quebec of Sanctuaire Sainte Anne de Beaupre are asking to meet me to make presentations when they are made.
The International Criminal Court supports the Canadian position there can be no legal challenges.
I am one ninth owner of Quebec Delegation, Holding just as always.
Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert inform me that they love me and that we will be together.  They state to their birth mothers that they wish to live in Quebec.
My daughter Megan Marie serenades me with a prayer on her French soprano.
The International Criminal Court has set up trust funds of some type.
And Michelle can make a similar statement.

A company spokeswoman informs me that united states of massachusetts go-betweens have been kind enough to relay 70% of Michelle’s message while including about 3 times as much of their own message.

Before you moved to Dover Foxcroft united states federal courts issued new guidelines for interacting with human beings.  The courts are said to be enforcing the guidelines.  The guidelines spell out all sorts of items that someone who is disenfranched can for example ask for what rather than just what is available.  Everyone knows that none of the defendants who are here circling are going to get their rights or be told what the new rights are.

You are now freer than you know.  I ask, “Please wait for me!”

Megan Marie, ‘My mother says you are still the love of her life.”

The rise and fall of the united states of massachusetts navy nigger [May 23.]

Imagine, just what mankind has wanted most for the longest – the death of harvard medical school.  Look, the “originator” of the medically prescribed ‘death threat.’ 

Does anyone know what a medically prescribed death threat is.  The very same voices that yelled into my place for harvard now wish to do so for the navy nigger cocoon that has been incubating neo-nazi afl-cio harvard university.

Look, the new splendid woman hater has arrived in her full glory to demand scenarios written by navy nigger be true rather than their snivelling coward harvards.  The full glory of the brave navy nigger woman now set to set a navy nigger jag to my room to make a fool of the united states of massachusetts just as they have been pointing at the beyond sophisticated representatives of all the Earth at the United Nations.

Look, Earth, as of this morning the full might of right of first refusal of eveything on Earth by the largest female with the most hate of women – the united states of massachusetts navy is crawling out from under its rock to engender the world with death threats and not the navy at harvard’s buffoonery of medically prescribed death threats.  Just plain straight forward assassination and murder at the house of Blue Seahorse.

Shall I assume I am being charged with draft dodging because the united states of massachusetts navy nigger decided to do this to Top Gun to make the united states strong by eating the united states of massachusetts and its scenario assigned draft dodgers?

Waiting for God!

One of us, either myself and we, or the united states of massachusetts is waiting for the navy.

Penguin Breath

Penguin Breath

One of us, either myself and we, or the united states of massachusetts is serving God [and Lord Jesus I would also hope..] One of us, either myself and we, or the united states of massachusetts has a Constitution, Geneva Conventions, Army Field Manual and United Nations.

One of us, either myself and we, or the united states of massachusetts is a woman hater.

AND one of us, either myself and we, or the united states of massachusetts is a draft dodger.

[Don't forget now also http://blueabsurdist.thoughts.com]

My children only have cleaning the floor as an albatross.

My wife is owed a war crime charge against the united states of massachusetts.  They caused her cancer AND harvard concocts designer drugs based on one’s DNA that do not effect anyone else in the area when a victim is sprayed from a high speed vehicle.

The law internationally is very clear – the Quebec Delegation has followed the letter of the law entirely.  Their contracts all state that as ‘orginator of concept’ we are all equal partners.  Presently it appears that my share entirely will be in a corporation titled Quebec Rainbows, LLC.  It would always be there entirely, as Michelle and our children are the other employees, but I cannot draw my salary in the united states of massachusetts.

I know my wife does not sound strong but she beat you united states of american – and the score is not a contest.

It has always been this way: Michelle loves her children, then me their father.  Michelle loves her Church friends from Shrine Sanctuaire Sainte Anne’s Cathedrale de Beaupre, Quebec, Canada.

And you already know I know so from not a woman’s ears but my very own sensitive ears.

I already know you know as well that I love Michelle Roberge Killingsworth and our children Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth

FINIS [avec inacheve] [mais maintenant termine]

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My supported strategy:

Father Oulette, Father Benedict and Father Francis have been demanding a proper Church marriage contract and wedding at Shrine Sanctuaire Sainte Anne’s

"My mother Michelle's Black Musket will always be my friend!"

“My mother Michelle’s Black Musket will always be my friend!”

Cathedrale de Beaupre for some months – Father Oulette for at least 6 years.  About 30% of the men in Quebec are opposed.  The Vatican is demanding an open break with the united states of massachusetts.

Capitan Robitaille is apparently second in command of Surete du Quebec.  His sub-lieutenant [I guess] called me on the shout out this morning.  My wife’s friend Julie Robitaille has 3 brothers who have all told Michelle they are qualified to be her husband.

Grandmother Megan tells that it is Steve Killingsworth who Michelle loves and has always loved.  Grandmother mother is recommending that the 6 of us plan on a wedding in Nantes Cathedrale.  I note that I am still in the united states of massachusetts despite over $100 billion of collected fines on the u.s. of m. and myself holding legal title to the ‘Keys of Quebec.’  When I am with the family in the not too distance future we hope we have no idea when the u.s. of m. with not use n.a.t.o. contacts to block our journees.  It is comforting to know that Poland, Spain and Ireland among n.a.t.o. are vocal supporters.  France and a number of other dignitaries are NOT members of n.a.t.o. and have never been.

My son Lynn Robert speaking also for his brother and sister tells, “My father, my mother loves you and has always.  My father, I will always love the Blue Seahorse, but Black Musket will always be my friend.”

Black Musket, ‘Lynn Robert, you know what I said to the united states.  Since I am indisposed and whether I am or not you and your brother and sister may tell.’

My continuing campaign:

One cannot live by bread alone.  Prayer cleanses the military palate for the next campaign.    

"Tastes like sugar to me!!  More work camp chow!"

“Tastes like sugar to me!! More work camp chow!” 

My informant [deep threat mccain] informs me that a “Capitan Robitaille” of Quebec has been calling his office since Thursday morning to make a public announcement that he does not wish to receive.  An American code named “Black Musket” has been given the ‘keys’ to Quebec.

This brave man ‘Black Musket,’ knowing full well he is on the united states of massachusetts terrorist list “remove” has continued to expose those criminals protected by ‘deep threat.’  Moreover….  the president of everything has stated that Black Musket has single handedly for over 300 years planned and conducted every terrorist campaign not only in Quebec but also Renault.

‘deep threat’ reports that he ordered Black Musket to appear at his offices in Tucson, Arizona on Friday morning to defend himself.  He refused to show deep threat notes with satisfaction and has been issuing death threats and assassination orders on Quebec and Renault and especially their elected officials.

“Quebekkers, we are all brothers in arms!” is deep threats message to the United Nations [who all purportedly attended a conference on world peace in Montreal friday evening while the skeleton staff of the United Nations - the ambassadors and their wives - sat on their hands in New York City.]

deep threat notes that he has also scheduled a meeting with the world wide scourge at the Chinese embassy in d.c. for Wednesday, May 15 and the Russian embassy for Monday, May 20.  deep threat notes that terrorists are cowards and he is sure Black Musket will not show up or will he survive snubbing the Chinese Ambassador and the Russian Ambassador to the united states of massachusetts.

My Prayer

My Lord Jesus, thank you that I have written your poetry.

"My father is still the Blue Seahorse"

“My father is still the Blue Seahorse”

Thank you that you have  provided children from my wife who are your revelation.

I know God has granted us the greatest gift in free will, but I feel cheated.

AND if I may never be with my children I always will.

I pray for better times for my wife who before a year was up while I was in Orono, Maine had already reserved a place in a monastery due to the hate crimes of the united states.

Peace on Earth for yours, Lord Jesus!

Lynn Robert Killingsworth [and for his brother and sister] – “We wish our father to be near to us that we may be with him.”

“My father, your new marriage contract states that you are our sole parent being of sound mind and body and always so.  Father Ouelette will pray for the new covenant with God.  My father, you are now a Quebec citizen from your birth.”

I imagine my children will like to live with their Grandmother Megan and their music teacher Sister Marte even when I arrive.  However, my children are qualified to choose for themselves and when anyone may visit.  I expect they will always wish to at least pray with their mother in body and spirit.

God grant You Your Kingdom now Lord Jesus for Yours.

Lynn Steven Killingsworth, father of Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth who are all the children also of Michelle Roberge, PhD.


I offer a prayer for Father Kevin.

God grant those who defend the physically weakest of us and the least of us Your Peace everlasting!

Father Kevin was shot in the chest by the assistant of a man who was assaulting a friend of Julie’s in the pews while pilgrims on a tour bus prayed obliviously.

The fbi tell the police I hear that the 3 men who look like Father Kevin’s assailants in the security camera recordings are not the decoys living on a navy station near Pensacola, Floriday.

Then the boston glob and national public radio show regales of loud laughter in public that no one could be guilty of anything in massachusetts until Carl’s Jr is convicted of draft dodging by Sainte Anne’s parishioners and all of Canada.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper -

maxi powell, john hardeman and Sister Agatha – Let us engender you continuously now that we have been more than hugely conciliatory.

You said you are going to deny that Prime Minister Harper asked you to confess a statement to me in front of some type of media somewhere on Earth, after you told me that is the case.

You said that Prime Minister Harper instructed you to tell me that you know that the gist of my website though not the statistics is in fact true representation and not just true representation in my gas filled and electronic broadcast receiving living room but around the Earth.  [May 9, 2013]

We demand that you move farther from Canada lest someone we have been pretending to be stop by.  We demand you never escape from our war crimes by moving to another country.  We demand that if you do escape that you never be allowed to earn any money especially by your truth telling.


The present lady’s voice apparently actually representing Michelle – “I know that President George W Bush has asked the federal government that all the entities that have been and are with the groups obviously trying to be hate to Steve Killingsworth be barred from Maine and New Hampshire.”

No Rest for the Weary

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Lynn Robert Killingsworth, Perfect Master

My father, you said you would always help me.  You may tell them you warned me that though I am a perfect master I might make my mother very angry.

My father, first my mother told the TV that she loves William Guamet,  then she told the TV that she loves Philip Monnette and then she told us that she loves our father the most.

war war war mccain _

As you know, I [pure hate] am mccains representative in the ether around you.  You have no idea how appreciative sen mcclain will be.  He has always want to say what you send this morning.

I am sure that by noon Eastern time I can have senator mccain on world wide tv .  We will alwasy have a spokesperson available to you to engender your memory forever.

As long as you always start at the heart of our plight – that someone received a summary execution for a known false draft dodging charge.

Premier Pauline Marois

Dear Ms Marois – you were to be one of the heavies in this war crime so that the criminals could escape.  Now however the criminals note that you have been holding the united states accountable for their actions.

To start Sister Agatha has done a lot of talking.  She states that it was not Michelle who asked for the police telephone line but Sainte Anne’s.

Second, ‘socialized medicine’ on both sides of the aisle have announced that they have long ago left, and that they wish to to maintain the status quo.

My children have told me they wish to live in Quebec and not the united states of massachusetts.  This is an adamant demand of mine to have a business deal that my children not be in the united states until they are 18 and choose for themselves.  It is the sacrosanct pact that I make with anyone.  Yesterday morning hate from massachusetts began berating me while I am still being nerve gassed and etc that the united states is entitled to kidnap my children then claim they entered willingly and falsely state that my children wish to stay.

The day before yesterday my children were bereft.  I know no adult human being as bereft as united states hate has females yelling above the threshold of hearing as well as below the threshold of hearing while pretending to be bereft.

The united states says that I need to be sprayed with chemical weapons to ameliorate what they have done to me and that they should do it.  Sister Agatha did not say it exactly that way .. but…

In the past week I have been told several times to expect someone from the Canadian government – apparently known as the Canadian Authority.  This morning also after confessions more or less from both factions that it is you who should run the Quebec government and that it is you who show the real concern.  Therefore ‘socialized medicine’ says that friends of theirs from the Quebec Authority will be around to see me.

Cousin Bolle Berge -

I hate the united states of massachusetts.  They told my father he had a nice business and they liked the location so he had to sell to them.

So cousin Bolle, did you know that the family has an agreement in International Criminal Court since before Michelle was able to get into court that the family can send me $795 per month.  I have mentioned here before that it shows on my bank statement without money and then disappears after a couple of months.  So at least 3 financial entities think they are allowed to insist that I carry their companies.

Grandfather and Philip and john mccain from here seem to be stating that the payments are not really required.

john mccain [A] [Look at mccain's scarlett lettter?]-

I have to go to the hospital so when Blue Seahorse is executed it won’t look like I gave yet another order.

Among the ladies it seems that mccain is the most hated.  Apparently he likes to order ladies to tell their husbands they have had more sex partners than they have had.  When he does that he swears up and down it makes a lady forget that he has just stated that her husband is a draft dodger and that she is prostitute.

I am wondering why mccain tells ladies that sort of thing.  He must be aftaid of their husbands.  ted ran personals on ladies he wanted to have sex with until they showed.  Except that ted was afraid of me and said that I was raping Maria while he was powerless to stop me, ted was a really, really brave man.

It must be that mccain has been ordering the bestials to say barf into my living room in front of ladies from Sainte Anne’s.  They claim that one third of the women at Sainte Anne’s tell their friends that they like a big piece of muscular meat when in fact 60% feel that way.  So they wish to ask why the discrepancy.  They claim that one third of the women are looking for a friend with a large husband to share along with their own small husband.  It seems they admire doctors so much as ladies in massachusetts do so they practice ‘socialized medicine’ sex.

So where are these bestials from.  Most of them have at the request of mccain according to their statement forced their way to positions at harvard.  Therefore we know that the aggriegous activity is actually really typical of harvard women and the professional women of cambridge.  Background noise here indicates that about half of the ladies at Wellesley also practice hospital ‘socialized medicine’ sex.

Background noise here indicates that half of the coeds at BC marry their first sex partner.

Niggers who practice ‘socialized medicine’ sex have been calling around here since my father was worked on to tell me that since they defeated me with my mother they have defeated me with every other women that I have ever seen.

I note that john mccain has always wanted to defeat me at “everything” we shall say.  He is the only one with big enough muscles to have murdered enough people to have defeated me at anything.  The rest of the niggers are just pretenders hiding under mccain’s violence – even draft dodger bill clinton.  I think the pretenders should be shown their place by forfeiting their lives and I think that mccain should be given the opportunity to do all the speaking so that there will be no mistake that he is the muscle.  Let’s see what nigger mccain really has to say – or does he want me to hear it.  He is reportedly mad beyond life that ladies do not tell me they are looking for a big piece of meat and only Maria told me I was too small – which is what a woman really says to a man when she is finished.

All the men have a pretty good idea what more than 4 decades of nerve gas do to a man’s genitals.  Most of them, including mccain are apparently just as always telling the ladies that what happened to me is the ladies’ fault while telling the ladies that they don’t see how a woman could become wet for sex with a draft dodger.

The best part of all of this is that the bestials to mccain’s protection all think that since he is most hated they are all more qualified to be my children’s father than mccain is – not to mention….

I guess in my next life I might win if I get down and really grovel before ‘socialized medicine’ united states mccain.  Small wonder I think that I know the united states, ‘socialized medicine and the males spraying nerve gas here anything more than unadulturated hate.

Hi Michelle -

I have heard from the enemy that Premier Pauline Marois has stated that I not be speaking with you and the kids for the duration of need to know – everyone knows that is the first use of need to know other than me describing my reality which most does not bother me despite all the lies from yelling.

After I entered all of my poetry last night to the family’s one way email I realize now that there certainly will not be email and I hope it is true you have 80 or 90 of my poems you did not have before.

The big news is that during an accusation from a confessed appointed by massachusetts to speak on top of you and the family she suddenly noted that my website had update I hear to full size nearly world wide???  Claiming to be you she stated that you had 1350 pages while a Calgary paper had 1550 while I think I have 2007.  Not all of my early pages [less than a hundred] are on the site.

I am sure that whoever the mole is with you if and when Grandfather and Philip Monnett for some reason show up our children will be surprised and mad as hell.

My Philip, Philip Humble, I have been telling ‘control freaque socialized medicine’ is in fact qualified to work in a hospital.  Patronage I will tell you who to marry and who to have children with and where to work in the afl-cio caste system while there are incompetents in the info tech area for example and twice too many seats is not qualified to work in a hospital – only to be seen in state prison when takes out his gun to tell people they are not qualified.

I remember it has always been wait for me, but last week it was if something happens come to see me at the earliest possible moment.

I love my wife who loves me and certainly her biggest fans – Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth. Hi Grandmother and the villains of the family [you should hear what you have done.]  Love, Steve  :~)

naughty words!!

My name is Lenny Bruce.  My humor is an acquired taste.  I talk about the way the united states government entities at all levels talk – especially the united states of massachusetts navy.

Oh, look!  The meat wagon [the local police department] says that my nasty mouth has led to me being hooked on heroin.  I wonder whether I can hitchhike my way to Israel?

la haine canadienne

Barrister Sister Agatha of Shrine Sanctuaire Sainte Anne de Beaupre – ‘We promised Steve freedom from the united states of massachusetts, socialized medicine and male white power but at 3p on Monday, May 6, 2013 we have suddenly decided to deliver for them apparently because we resepct that john mccain is a draft dodger just is bill clinton and all the rest of the hate that pointed their crime at Steve and demanded that HE carry THEM.

Steve made it alright for us to do that.  On his say so we have our children for the love children have bestowed on him over the microphones into a cabin filled with gas from nazi hate.

It’s me Sister Agatha.  I helped you denounce socialized medicine this morning  remember?  I have had a religious conversion.  Look, how humane the united states treats draft dodgers.  Look, how humane the united states treats draft dodgers.  It’s nothing – just a little talk from someone nerve gassed to the nth degree with no fresh air for years.   Look, we helping socialzied medicine united states of massachusetts demonstrate how humane they are.  The brain can never feel pain now matter what happens.

Help, Help.  Help.  I’m the united states.  Look, everyone how badly the Steve treats me.  He’s inhumane.  I’m pure love.  He has to be incarcerated the rest of his life so no one will know what I did.  They might try to hurt the united states.  We cannot afford to give Steve his rights.

This is head psychologist from Boston Univ by way of national public radio.  Put me in you mouth and suck.  Put me in your mouth.  You’re subservient .  Well, you do that for Lord Jesus.  You don’t love me in you don’t do it with me immediately.  Now that one.  And that one.  And that one.  Help.  Help. Help.  Killingsworth is treating the united states bad.  We’re all going to die.

It’s me Saint Agatha again.  Look, how nice the united states treats you.  I can arrange for you to be free in your nerve gas filled room along with the same electronic crap as always.  Look, you know what Guy Desrochers looks like.  Can you see him before you.  Can you see what Guy Desrochers looks like in front of you.  Can you see what Guy Desrochers looks like in front of you.  The united states is humane.  I get at least 12 hours fresh air everyday.  It would talke a lot longer than 3 to 6 days to cause me to futz.  Look, how humane the united states is.  Look, how humane the united states is.  Look, how humane the united states is.   Let’s get the united states embassy to do a show at a different Russian medical school every night with Steve sprayed enough that when he yells the united states is pure hate everyone laughs at the united states doing the same person every night for 50 years in a “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” exeperiment.  This is Saint Agatha – one night at a time everywhere – look how humane the united states is.  Steve has brain cancer and we have almost removed his entire brain with the most powerful brain death agents harvard can concoct for 50 years.  We’re much more deadly that with John Nash.  Oh, and you Nelson.  We don’t want white power apartheid to suffer so you need to abandon the death penalty or ted will do do in your face forever.

There has been absolutely no medicine done here whatsoever my entire life.  I received nothing but hate and chemical weapons card tricks my entire life by the worst filth that has ever walked the face of the Earth.

So john mccain gave the orders here while david leroy texas called him monthly and dr major tom of mit bragged that he had killed 30 people on the signature of massachusetts state government by lethal injection???

There is nothing on the face of the Earth that has ever been with the united states, socialised medicine and nazi male hate at all that is ever with me …..

la difference canadienne

Premier Pauline Marois notes this morning that Michelle’s Steve is asking for second sign.  I called Prime Minister Harper and told him I know for a fact that the first time Michelle spoke with Steve she told him he actually is Canadian.  And I know she has done so nearly every time since.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘I note that when Michelle presented in court in September, 2006, in Agusta by defamation the united states immediately accepted the compromise of a police line into Steve’s living room.’

Socialized medicine:

The term socilized medicine is something of an oxymoron.  The word socialized medicine does not mean that it is the hospital of a socialist movement or government.  Rather the tenet is that someone who has a gun gets to give someone who does not orders what to do.  In socialized medicine a doctor is entitled to issue what are considered proper statements for another human being.

In Quebec no one who practices “socialized medicine” is entitled to speak for another person or to claim to be a member of any type of religious organisation.  This means in effect that most of massachusetts cannot attend Church not only at Sainte Anne’s but in Quebec in general.  Who needs an afl-cio taking money from the Church offering?

A Church barrister tells me that Grandfather and Philip Monnett [who has not been  the scene since 2006] are suddenly starting to practice socialized medicine.  They cannot claim to be physicians issuing the proper statements for the Church or anyone else.

I note that a lot of socialized medicine adherents have been yelling something about john mccain’s plight all night.  The world’s meanest david leroy texas is the world’s most hated – and seems to have been on line here for since around 1956.

I am honored at Catholic and Anglican hospitals so I get followed in by “socialized medicine.”  In Dutluth, Minnesota it was the Duluth police dept and veterans for peace who are mostly former navy apparently.  Then it is very similar everywhere else that I have been.  Imaginge 10 million muscle bound niggers with guns who have nothing better to do than sit around thinking about sex on demand.  We need to appear busy so let us make a known false draft dodging charge on a woman true with nerve gas, chemical weapons and mental subversion electronics.  Call the boston glob – we like to work at nothing all day.  Takin’ care of drunkeness…

So what is “socialzied medicine” except unconditional, unadulterated hate?  It is nothing else.

Oh, is the john mccain on the phone again?  Why don’t you ask barack obama whether it would be alright for ‘him’ to cut you out and call Biden directly.”

This is what john mccain sounds like apparently – Michelle – Steve has one experience.  He is looking for a virgin this time.  Don’t send all the boys away since that is what he did to you as well.  You cannot see Steve unless you tell him you have had only one partner.  Now that you have and he did not bother to ask just to start I am going to make it important to him.  Oh, Michelle just managed to tell him about herself.  My assistant says she is forfeit.”

Blue Seahorse Top Gun says YOU are forfeit.  You are in actual fact, deed and intent a draft dodger and I think you should have the dearth penalty for your worst crime of all.

Michelle and I can conduct our business without a coward in the navy ordering “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” experiments being performed on us.  You have cause my children an enormous amount of grief listening to your mafia thug report.  Socialized medicine is hate.  Complete total hate.  Unadulterated hate to the very core of the most cowardly filth to walk the face of the Earth.  I order you to commit suicide for the benefit of my children as well as all the other children who read Blue Seahorse’s Reef.

For instance:

“The united states states that you may live in Alberta with Michelle and family and ‘friends’ Quebec Delegation but you may never leave!!”

In order to conduct business with for instance “FreeBSD,” “Mageia,” “Oracle,” and “Peachtree” just off the top of my head requires a contract with a statement that I conceived several of the business entities founded by Quebec Delegation to prevent for instance corporate raiding founded on socially defensible legal concepts.  The united states has insisted since my beginning that they be co-signers of any business or other legal contract that I make.

Any other statements that I make here in this concept manner you will misconstrue as a harmful threat upon somewhere or someone.


Michelle is in love so she and her friends Quebec Delegation volunteered for the Resistance.  I note that they would know by now that they know they have what it takes.

I know I asked you to wait for me no matter how long, but if something happens otherwise come to see me at the earliest possible moment.  [May 1]

I know that john mccain has long asked for control for any info or communications by Michelle or anyone else wanting to see me.  The ladies have long been under the impression that the 3 or 4 times every day that the shit* tries to catch me out must all be approved by mccain.

In 2006 before Michelle and her sister Jana had brought Lynn Robert for his christening Michelle managed to call me one afternoon.  She said she could not talk but that she had rented a room in the country and that if it happened that no one would tell me where she was at the propitious time in the future that she would be there.

A few weeks later a Catholic Sister of Quebec called on the shout out.  She said that Michelle told her that if anything untoward happened to Steve that she would not want to see anyone and she would live in a Church monastery.

Everyone knows Michelle likes her small island in Alberta, but I know she still has contract for the monastery she was staying in before Stephen Harper called and told her that Canada would have Steve demanded to Alberta.

It is not my position that the ladies would never know what to say to their children that it is they themselves as their mother who loves them foremost!!!

My Michelle has been allowed finally to speak to me again while the men maintained the electronics once again.  As I stated at the end the men wish me to be witnessed by my children so that my children see that what their mother has told them about their father is not true.

My wife tells that Nina Marlowe withnessed the first unconscious questioning of my by the navy and that I told them that women on occasion tell men what other men are saying about them rather than what any woman would think.  The ladies were refusing to tell me when under direction that I am a draft dodger, knowing full well that I am not.  I won every time john mccain asked the question ‘who won?’

Father Benedict, much to his surprise, won my position in International Criminal Court around the first week in March.  A couple of weeks past Prime Minister Harper called the monastery and asked Michelle whether she would like to live with me in Alberta, where she moved within 48 hours.

I know a man.  His name is Anand Pandya, Mumbai, India.  He has stated that Steve knows the same about the ladies that Lord Jesus himself knows about the ladies. He wondered why the united states navy did not let me demonstrate position.

Professor Gomulka stated that children hate their mothers if their mothers are abused by men.  I say that they might appear to hate their mothers because their mothers do not know what to say when they are not allowed to say anything by men.

As a start she notes that I have told the males that have worked on me that they are hate, unadulterated hate – and I mean that they hate with no provocation from the ladies.

Michelle notes after the fact that john mccain is the meanest mas who has ever lived.  Rather than tell the women they are the cause of all the hate in the world he has been telling the ladies’ children that their mothers and the other ladies are responsible for all the hate that he has demanded before them is hate.

I note that God the father through Lord Jesus has blessed me with Michelle and Megan Marie, Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert – who will always love their mother.  I note that I suppose they might have said something that the united states navy disagrees with but they did so to protect each other with God’s Truth and have never meant me any harm whatsoever.

I suppose I might want for some reason that Lord Jesus allow his followers to read the poetry I have written knowing most of the time that I had already been rewarded  and that I had patiently waited [mostly] all the while. 

Once again, I cannot hear from my wife or children so what do I know yet….

I note that yet again a massachusetts missy is sitting on the line talking over my Michelle.

I’m a friend of Michelle’s – of the Quebec Delegation.  The united states of massachusetts is pretending they do not know what happens when the rest of the world reads Michelle’s Steve’s website.

Pauline Marois has been painted as a bit of a heavy.  Actually she greatly admires Steve’s poetry and states she has always assumed Steve would be coming to Canada and live in Quebec unless the Canadian federal government deemed it a national security issue that would damage Canadian national security.  Everyone knows that Canada can demand anyone out of the united states otherwise irrepairable harm to the united states.

The ladies, that is missy massachusetts apparently, is saying that Stephen Harper says that Steve understands – and that he also understands that despite the Canadian Supreme Support that he might not come to Canada.

I fully realize that I might die in the united states but I know what Premier Pauline Marois says is in fact true.

Hi, I’m Fidel Castro.  I note that the President of France, and several of his Euro compatriots individually as well as Brazil, India, China and Russia can compel me to present flights to the Vatican for disgruntled  citizens – or suffer irreparable harm – especially economically.  If anyone thinks that is also not true of the united states they are not just psychotic they are hallucinating.

Michelle’s friend of the Quebec Delegation – the united states is suffering beyond irrepairable harm for what massachusetts has been doing to Michelle’s Steve – our children’s and his children’s Blue Seahorse.

It’s just a game to see who can get the most!!

Hi.  I’m David Leroy “Mitty” McCain.  I want you to know this stuff is really, really simple.  I still play board games with my dates.  It’s just a game to see who can get the most.  This is all Killingsworth’s fault.  When Sainte Anne’s gets hit with a cruise everyone will think it is me!!!

“You know what you can do for me that would be really nice?”

Internationally recognized contracts.

I have a few friends who are in the military.  They’re preparing a security business for when they retire.  We provide secure computer services.  No Kevin Mitnicks walking in the front door with a phony ID.  It would really help the business if we can bring in everyone who has signed with Killingsworth’s computer services.

If you can meet his price and bring a federal judge’s order abrogating the contract.

That’s not the way I work.  Remember NAFTA?

I have ten billion dollars.  You expect me to risk that for someone who does not work?

In that case, I’m going to make you and offer you cannot refuse.  To start with, do you understand what I mean when I say no one knows what I’m doing?

Muscle bound draft dodgers again!!!

“It must sound just like pure hate has come to visit you again.”

I just awoke for the second time in 3 hours this evening.  Your voices to not seem do quite ring true again.

“I am a member of Quebec Delegation.  We are listening to you in Augusta, Maine and Sainte Anne’s but we cannot hear outside “Atlantique Quebec” except through Halifax.  Stephen Harper and we concede our positions to you.”

Doctor Strangelove is confessing more emphatically than usual this evening that he is a draft dodger.

“Our demand is that you never get to see your family – Michelle and your children and friends.  That’s what you did to us.”

If our children are not in Canada I demand endless retribution until they are.  Everyone should know that you once again have fallen back to sounding like new jersey tuffs.

I might also say once again that this sounds very strongly like Prof Clemons [his wife at the time - Diane Clemons] Soviet-American Diplomacy Class at MIT during the “mock” “live” state department war room simulation of world events.  I have noted several times since I moved to Houston in 1976 that the feeling is over whelming.

When children play

I think I have heard a quote ‘When children play, they make a lot of noise and sometimes one of them gets hurt.’  I have asked and it sounds as though a past editor of the Quebec Standard, Francois Trintigant, is the author.

I have not heard the comments but a lot of young readers of ‘Blue Seahorse’s Reef’ have heard them.  Someone who broadcasts into my living room all the time has placed comments by computer generated voice that sound like Premier Pauline Marois into TV interviews she has done.

Speaking of Quebec, I hear that Barack Obama likes French men.  In a lover’s spat with David Rothchild both Barack and David have approached Premier Marois of mediation of their claim to have purchased the first death contract on Lynn Steven Killingsworth [a.k.a. Blue Seahorse, Blue and spreading like wildfire Blue Absurdist.]

Ms Marois has apparently told the spiteful pair that she hardly has time to worry about Michelle’s Steve because every time someone tries to assassinate her the Surete du Quebec report that an operative of the new york state police tell them that they might have heard something but were told not to speak to Surete du Quebec in order to protect homosexual rights in massachusetts.

Hey Chief Thunder Thud, get a load of this.

“Hi!  I’m new jersey.  I’m a not very pretty female.  I’m a draft dodger.  I wish all the women of the world to be prostitutes for the united states of massachusetts.”

“I’m Blue.  When I heard all the misogyny that you were spewing here I thought you might actually ask a woman to do that for you.  I not too happy to know that it’s true.”

“I ordered them to do it.  They have no choice.”

“Hey, Chief Thunder Thud.  You don’t have any balls.  Has the united states of massachusetts engendered you?”

“I order you to engender for the united states of massachusetts.  You were willing to be a navy officer for the united states.  You must be willing to do anything the united states of massachusetts wishes!  I demand it!!!”

“What can a poor boy do except sing in a rock roll band?”  During my comments about my father’s service at Battle of Bulge one of my wife’s friends in the Quebec Delegation reports that Mick Jagger stated that he and the guys would have gladly fought the Battle of Bulge knowing full well they would not last a day before being killed.  Then she noted that john mccain and john kearry both said that they also would have willingly fought the Battle of Bulge but refused to concede that they would not have survived.  I note it is almost certain that everyone in the world has heard almost instantaneously that gov sissie, a good friend of gov andie and former gov bill is stating that just as soon as he gets out of the way that THEY will start to do THAT one.

Can Steve have his job yet?

With massachusetts so near Maine how is it that Blue Seahorse is living in Maine even with Michelle so close?

I cannot hear it of course but it stands to reason there must be Jewish Faith International making known that I should at least have an apartment in which to live.

The ladies note that in that case there are really Catholic men who wish to tell Steve that a few of the ladies at Church would like to help him decorate his apartment.  I guess that means that one of the ladies from Church will be by with Michelle and our children’s greetings.

c.y.a. -

Hey, little mac!  Can you hear the kids?  What’s worse than a white power massachusetts shooting speeding bullets and leaping tall buildings in a single bound.?

They think that even knowing that 2 cruise missiles have landed in the Old City and 5 in random places in Ottawa in the not too far distant past.

Northern Carolina -

Hey, Barrack!!  Northern Carolina would like to know when you are coming home for fries?

Angie Houston -

“Hey, Angie.  It’s me ted.  Look, I’m in Denver.  A homosexual was beaten to death with a baseball bat.  Univ of Houston doesn’t get to pick up the pieces.  Steve is a draft dodger.  He doesn’t get to say he’s queer!”

“Ted, he says he applied for navy r.o.t.c. when he was in high school.  What’s the real story?”

“Hey, Angie.  It’s me joe.  He told us he changed his mind.  He says he won’t marry a woman from Blackwell or Univ of Houston.  He’ll have a Rice Univ coed in lieu.  They’re swell like Wellesley.”

“Hey, paul.  It’s me angie.  Why does bobby say it’s all the ladies fault Steve did not want the respect a military officer earns?”

“Hey, ted. It’s me Blue. So it was the ladies who kept a man out of “this man’s navy”?  You are the silliest fat goose ever!!  For the rights to the quotations from Coach Yeoman I would always play for the Univ of Houston – for free if I it was required.”

“Hey, Blue!  It’s me, boston glob.  No one knows anything about you.  We’re going to blackmail you!”

A.M.A. [American McCain Association}

Hi!  We're doctors.  We're male doctors.  We're the male doctors that have been planning all the war crimes on Carl's Jr his entire life.

Carl's Jr has just remembered that he applied for navy r.o.t.c in high school.  We need a military wing.  We need a war hero we can stand behind who will speak for us.  Let's hire John McCain of Arizona.  He is such a war hereo he can even speak for the president and  presidents of the united states of massachusetts.

Hi - I'm john mccain.  I'm a war hero and Killingsworth is not.  the vietnamese told me they not only did not want to have children they did not want me to have sex.  I sure got ripped by the vietnamese.  Those little yellow dastards are really perfidious.  They have been ripping my goods since they worked on my father and the other generations of war heros known only in the caves of Utah.

I'm religious and Killingsworth is not.  I need protection and the religious provide me with more than enough protection to commit war crimes on someone and then make known false charges forever.  The best part of being religious is that I can chase a known innocent man's women and children thereby committing the war crimes I have knowingly falsely accused him.

I'm a veterans for peace and Killingsworth is not.  The veterans for peace are Republicans and religious and Killingsworth is not.  We don't want him to have any religion.  Since he is not religious he should not be allowed an education.

I'm a harley davidson from the afl-cio.  I'm a war hero and Killingsworth is not.  I'm religious and Killingsworth is not.  I don't want him to be at MY church educated in atheism at the harvard epworth methodist church.  Where is his wife and daughter that he does not have.  Just like all the male doctors in the united states I demand sex on demand.

Oh, look the wife Killingsworth does not have [Michelle Roberge Killingsworth] has his children and is his Church and conservative businesswoman.  Let’s lock him in a nerve gas filled apartment and pretend we are not doing anything while we brag about all the sex we are having on demand with his wife and daughter – thereby aiding and abetting ourselves committing war crimes on Killingsworth while claiming to be medical.

Thank you, Senator McCain – you read the flash cards we practised with you in the back rooms of the hospitals perfectly.  On behalf of all the male doctors in the united states of massachusetts you can begin continuing to send cruise missiles into Canada.

We are really and truly only trying to determine how much hate we can generate in Killingsworth for humanity.

“We’re going to have a horse for a misanthrope:”

My Michelle is not a horse and the united states of massachusetts is not my Michelle Roberge Killingsworth.

My young men are brave and stalwart and my children have stood with their parents.

My young men are pleading for help from me because they know their mother loves me.

“I am maxi powell and harvard and all the war crimes.  I did this to you not the the united states.”

That is obviously more than just not quite correct.  The united states of massachusetts is pure hate – buy design with national technical means just as Professor Gomulka described.  My family survives at all cost before pure hate.  Atheist is finished forever here and has always known that.  50 years I went to work patiently every day waiting for God the Father through Lord Jesus to bring relief.  Michelle Roberge Killingsworth, Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth  and my poetry are my relief in the face of the most deliberate pure hate ever concocted – and by draft dodgers.

“And in lieu of speaking with Jimmy Carter incessantly you are asking for our deaths?”

When Lord Jesus comes you tell him you supported him with engendering and reverse psychology – just as an opening to feel Lord Jesus out as to just how stupid he might be.  Then you tell him that you proudly practiced Christian non-violence by being a draft dodger for the united states of massachusetts and the navy to get strong by sucking your juices.

Blue Seahorse conducts unfair business practices

Hi!  I am pure hate.  If you would read my website I would not be able to nerve gas you and electronically attempt brain washing.  You are not fair to me.  You should read my website.  You are also mental.  You say straight out what is happening rather than making allusions to the comments of afl-cio on standing on the street corner.

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘In actual fact I cannot see the real news put onto the Internet because you are allowed unlimited criminal hate crimes.’

Border Patrol Etiquette

I cannot say that I have the numbers correct but I am sure I have the gist correct.  A foreign national can approach the u.s. border at any time and request entry.  If they are refused and essentially no reason is given the foreign national may approach the border every 3 days.  If one is asked to wait 2 weeks or a month or longer I think they are required to tell the person asking admission that they want to investigate where the foriegner seeking admission has a social disease.  If they do the foreigner is entitled to tell their side of the story, although I do not know how they would get their mail delivered to the border patrol or the u.s. state dept.  If foreign national in another country cannot get their mail delivered to government entities in the u.s. if they can somehow make themselves known to the border patrol or state dept the u.s. embassy is thought to be required to meet the foreign national and take a deposition.

Most people write ahead of time for a Visa.  If the u.s. cannot receive mail from someone and they are made know to the u.s. state dept I am sure the u.s. state dept is required to take a deposition with embassy staff.

Peace be with you black national public radio

Nancy tells me the favorite part of Church for her and her black national public radio lady friends is the Church greeting when everyone hugs each other.  She feels however some men are ignoring the deep lingering looks she gives them.

I note that ted and the other kennedy males like draft dodger bill clinton are mafioso who have been trained to try to concubine every woman they come in contact with.

No normally sexed man as well as any oversexed man would ever speak to another woman than their wife about sex especially if they have been having it with their wives at least twice a week.

Nelson Mandela told the South Africans I hear just what I have been telling massachusetts white power homosexual perversion male concubine artists.

Politicians doing their usual

governor andrew – ‘It’s pretty funny actually.  My wife begs for sex every morning without fail.  I just smile and tell her that my secretary needs it more than she does.’

sister hillary – ‘Look, draft dodger.  Carl’s Jr says I am only required to do that two times per week then I can see my boyfriend!!’

As Good As It Gets!

I note that Michelle’s father once stated that Michelle even as the world’s most beautiful woman is only beautiful to the degree that she is as beautiful as a woman could be, but then he has often noted that Michelle has two sisters who also have his red hair.

The International Criminal Court has taken $10 billion dollars from the massachusetts state treasury.  He stated that when the Quebec Solicitor General the first week of March told Grandfather that Quebec had not filed its suit against the united states of massachusetts as a co-complainant with me through Michelle that massachusetts had caused my children irrepairable harm.  The judge notes that is a large amount of money and so Michelle and my children with probably see 10% to 15%.

The judge then told massachusetts to place another $50 billion in escrow.  After the rich yellow boston press left the room [is that correct Presse du Quebec?] he told the navy jags representing massachusetts that Lynn Steven Killingsworth, a.k.a. Blue Seahorse etc, had received the worst anti-Professor Gomulka treatment that can with modern technology be made for perhaps 12 years and trying to be subtle, but also with nerve gas and electronic assists in attempted subversion for perhaps a previous at least 30 years.

The judge then told the united states of massachusetts navy jags that my LLC, Quiet Rainbows, LLC, will receive the entire $50 billion.

In other news [is this not correct Press du Quebec] the men once again claim they should be getting Premier Pauline Marois due.  This time the males in opposition in Quebec to Ms Marois claim that the Quebec Solicitor General, William Gualme [an English language phonetic here], should be given Ms Marois position forthwith [is that not correct Grandfather?]


I have started a blog this morning at thought.com .  Immediately my Internet stopped working for more than 3 hours and I am unable yet to see the page, which should have my photo on it.

How do you like blue absurdist.  AND look, it’s on a server in the united states of massachusetts.  You might try https://blueabsurdist.thought.com  The SSL certificate is not mine – so whom do you trust?  The site is byzantine sometimes to find the blog page as it occasionally opens to a page with a string of blog entries from somewhere say that the author says he is confused.

maxi powell is pure hate perversion.  I am not going to be on the floor and then learn nazi morality from anyone.  pure hate perversion is the one who should be taught a cannon fodder lesson.  maxi powell says everyone is laughing because nazism is morality while you are just a social retard that has been buggered to make the niggers blocking aid to Syrian rebels strong – so strong that the united states of massachusetts has caused 70,000 needless deaths.  So the united states of massachusetts had to break a few eggs hate homosexual perversion united states of massachusetts?

Michelle has been thinking about what I might be able to do with this website in lieu of her and her mother annotating [Megan Marie tells, 'Everyday my mother writes what my father does.']

I think the first post will be:  I am an expert in ‘flat design.’  I am sure all of you are aware that I am the one who gave massachusetts a ‘flat lip.’

I love a flat lip myself, but I am pretty sure no one in massachusetts does.

I heard that ted said that I have never been in massachusetts.  I thought that might be the case.  massachusetts is a bit like the surface of the Moon.  I enter here photographic proof by my avatar that indeed I have bean to boston.’

CYA [Canadian Youth Association]

blue absurdist is Blue Seahorse!!!  Trust but verify.  We think it will be alright if Patti is back on the air in Quebec rather than Montreal!!!

blue absurdist’s unfinished business – ‘The united states of massachusetts navy has rescued hate crime from death twice since 2005, the second time by just at least doubling their numbers.

Harvard is surrounded by massachusetts state police in bangor at eastern maine medical center after Augusta has promised not only no more Harvard but he world-wide demand that I prescribe for myself [and ask any questions I wish.]

I hear no objections.  I demand Patti resume her duties.’  [for April 30]

Silence of the Lambs

Should hear the state police chaplain blowing on the wind from the south this noon.

state police chaplain – ‘This is off the record press corps.  We’ve got enough nerve gas on Steve now that he is about to crack like a “lamb.”

I suppose everyone would know that “lamb” in the vernacular of tough guy muscle existence is a 7 year-old girl being sold as a prostitute.

I suppose then also that this website is responsible for ‘Fisherman’s Wharf.’

gov jerry brown is on the line again.  He probably did not care when I heard that he talked turkey but it must be really hot in California.

gov jerry brown [or similar] – ‘We’re all pretty sure without talking to Steve that everyone knows he would have graduated Berkeley if he had attended university there rather than massachusetts.  If a Republican had told him then about UCal at Irvine and UCal at Santa Barbara he would certainly have a PhD.  Now Republicans – eat do-do!!’

I guess gov brown would know the ladies almost never get in trouble legally when they speak.

Open letter to the new york times from my Michelle

I hear that last November before American Thanksgiving my wife Michelle wrote an open letter to the new york times since she is prevented from seeing and speaking to me.  AND I note no one has given me a copy of the letter.

I note that last December my wife Michelle’s friend Julie wrote a letter as well and my wife has not until this morning read a copy of the letter. 

My wife reports from Alberta that she loves her husband and our children love their father Lynn Steven Killingsworth.  I tell my children and Michelle that I love my wife who loves me, and my children and I know they will help me even after I am with them.

Tiny, tiny genitals

hate criminal – ‘You aren’t a man.  You aren’t a man.  If you won’t lie for me and say that I never touched your genitals with nerve gas, then not only aren’t you a man – you aren’t Christian.  I suppose I did it on a false charge as well.   It’s an old wives tale.  It’s the psychiatric drugs.  There is no nerve gas.  If you won’t lie for me then you aren’t a man or a Christian.  I didn’t hurt you.  I didn’t hurt you.  john mccain suffered terrible hurt.  The really, really did it to john mccain.  He said when he got back from Vietnam it took 5 months for his genitals to grow back.  We’ve been bragging in public all your life that is what we are doing and if we do it long enough it will be permanent.  It’s for the children.  Do it for the children.  Lie and say your genitals are fine.  We have not said a thing to any child under 4 years of age.  Paul Mitchell deserves to have Wellesley line up for sex with him.  That’s what THEY did to him.  AND the girls tried to teach him to beg while he was in high school.

And it is not really true that the more genital damage one has the less they are able to sleep even with powerful sleep inducing drugs.  Permanent no sleep for you no matter what you do.  Insomnia for Blue Seahorse’s Reef forever!!!

I’m a hero.  My Vietnam draft dodger package is a queer.

Quebec’s a nigger.  Quebec’s a nigger.  Quebec’s a nigger.  Quebec’s a nigger.  Quebec’s a nigger. …..

I didn’t do it.  I didn’t do it.  I didn’t do it.  John Boehner did it.  The pigs without men did it.

Brother Jimmy [April 28]

I have said this on my site previously but I think it bears repeating.

War criminals seem to have no idea that they could ever get hurt.  I have heard that the ladies in Canada have a $2 trillion dollar slush fund they have put together.  They have lady friends driving around 24 hours per day looking for ladies in distress.

I have long wanted the war criminals to be sitting in prison on world-wide TV so that I could tune in the cell of any of them I wished and see them talking about Lord Jesus with Brother Jimmy Carter.  Everyone knows Brother Jimmy never gets tired.  The devil never stands a chance when Brother Jimmy speaks to a malcontent.

Brother Jimmy needs help though, and I volunteer the Ministers of the Southern Baptist Leadership to assist.

Sister Clinton

“Senator Kirk, the navy’s stated position is that women who are raped asked to be raped.  Your real position is concerning “Steve”  and NOT “Paul.”  We can take care of our own.”

Steve – ‘I note by your definition of navy Sister Hillary, that Paul, Joe, Tom, your husband, Al and most of your other partners are navy while just as with you I am not qualified, homosexual and a draft dodger.

I notice that you and Paul are trying to be a nutcracker with McCain and Kearry.’

Father Benedict XVI                                                                                        [April 28 - Sunday]

The foreign press must be tired from waiting for the united states of massachusetts press not making this announcement – probably only because the boston glob and national public and the los angeles times wishes me not to know.

Father Benedict XVI has sued mit and harvard claiming their psychology departments have illegally committed war crimes on their victims who were each injured in a certain manner to cause a behavioral change they thought necessary.  The state of massachusetts and the state department of the united states of massachusetts are charged as co-conspirators.

The suit was announced the day after I moved from Hampden, Maine to Dover Foxcroft, Maine and is the excuse used for this time that the massachusetts state police have forcibly bivouaced  in the city in which I was living in order to carry out more mit-harvard damage to my body.  The number of massachusetts state police bivouaced in Dover Foxcroft varies from 48 to 64 with at least a hundred down and out young adults also running around sounding like afl-cio union sticks.

[I hear everyone is laughing.  "That many Blue?"  Actually only 10 or 12 I guess but 8 of them are electronic equipment break/fix technicians so it must just seem as I stated.  However, the number of ""homeless"" people could easily be twice what I stated.]

john mccain

I love the united states of massachusetts navy so much that since Patti Schmidt is Jewish I waited for Michelle Roberge Killingsworth.

Carl’s Jr appointed himself to annapolis  so I know he will not mind.

Michelle – ‘Steve, rosebud is the word the united states used as code for Adolf Hitler.  You are correct in everything.  I will wait for you always.

I can see your website and I know your website can be seen in Quebec.’


My son Lynn Robert tells me that Grandfather has told him that I have a disease.

What have I told you about pure hate on my website Grandfather?  It is you who is not qualified not Lord Jesus and God the Father!!

I understand that the noise tonight in the media world-wide is you, Grandfather.  If the public could hear you you made the same statement the boston globe made when 8 MIT students stole a traffic sign to decorate the dorm with – that is, you think that criminals think better if their genitals are smaller.

Except under extraordinary circumstances Raphael Choir cannot get smaller.  One extraordinary circumstance is anemia from nerve gas and other effluents like carbon monoxide.  It slowly causes heart and cardiovascular disease.

Your problem is that you would think better and be less inclined to cause harm to human beings if your genitals were larger.  For instance, without telling the family you pulled the plug on Michelle from the beginning in International Criminal Court.

If Michelle tells the children she loves me and wants to be my girlfriend as well as my wife, what do you suppose Lynn Robert is saying about whether you can ever see him again?  That sort of treatment is usually reserved for an unfaithful wife!

Crandall and the scarletttt letttter that he deserves

When I was at the Univ of Houston for a class while I was working I had a math class under Prof Baldwin.  He said that he had been in the army and was somehow reccommended for the Univ of Goetingen in Germany. Then he told the class in so many words that each of them had to bring him 5 apples or they would not graduate.

maxi powell has been yelling Crandall into my living room tonight to threaten my wife and children.  As you know my children speak quite a bit as I can hear them the best.

Grandfather has been speaking to Dr Crandall at Harvard.

Both of them are war criminals and therefore especially not qualified to treat or make comments about their victim – for instance my wife whom they are trying to terrify apparently on behalf of afl-cio.

maxi powell states flatly hoping Michelle and her mother and all of the ladies at the Church hear him that both Crandall and Grandfather deserved what I am saying although he hopes they rip me to death.

I do not have cancer or anything like cancer.  All that rich yellow boston press talk is propaganda from a neo-nazi war machine that was caught.  Not their victim was caught – THEY the united states were caught making human sacrifices claiming it would make the navy strong and smart.

Sister Agatha and Sister Bethe -

Sister Agatha and Sister Bethe are Catholic Sisters of Quebec who are barristers.  They know I have never had legal representation and have been making presentations to the united states to be my attorney’s.

Sister Agatha has been making presentations since 2000 while her friend Sister Bethe has been making presentations since 2005.

I believe it was in 2005 that I requested that Sister Agatha be my attorney in state of Maine documents.

The arrogant intelligentsia of massachusetts afl-cio 

So this is how the conversation of the preceding post was started as I walked to the post office and grocery store this afternoon [Friday, April 26].

Steve, hate criminal has made you walk around with fresh brain damage just like or worse than John Nash received from “insulin therapy” at harvard belmont hospitals for perhaps 50 years – at least since MIT with more and more powerful nerve gas in the air.  They have never let you heal as they did John Nash.  Hate criminal wants you to appear in as bad a light as possible while they press charges that you deserve cannon fodder duty.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Yes, we already know that and I have expressed it several times since the founding of this website.’

hate criminal – ‘Well, that’s what you were doing to us.  We aren’t just pretending that you have a woman in your room and are beating her.  Well, that’s what you were doing to us.”

hate criminal – ‘It is too bad what happened to your war hero father but not you.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Oh, really?  You did both of us so why don’t you tell everyone that is what I was doing to my father.’

hate criminal – ‘you are arrogant.  you are arrogant just like salt of the Earth Barbara Bush, George W Bush’s mother.  If you are not afl-cio silk you are pure barf.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘I thought you thought draft dodger bill clinton, the most arrogant filthy nigger with ladies, was salt of the Earth rather than Barbara Bush?’

Remember my comments about Edgar Allen Poe?  He wrote about half again as many poems as anyone wants to remember.  Most of them were written at West Point and then immediately after he dropped out of West Point in the middle of his senior year.  This concerns about 15 to 20 poems he wrote extolling a gentleman’s right to have a man be a woman with him as his slave.  Apparently the afl-cio think that even though they are all high school drop outs they can ride harley davidson’s and concubine other men to be step and fetch it sucks for them to also abuse in front of ladies among the physical perversions to which they are subjected.

Then Edgar Allen Poe fell in love with a lady and renounced making men into women for those in power in the united states.  He began telling that no man can ever enter Heaven unless he has loved a woman – and he meant emotionally rather than as a piece of convenient raw meat.

He then wrote 35 or 40 decent poems only 3 of which are good enough to be even mentioned with most of what I have written.

That’s you, homosexual pure hate perversion.  You have never loved a woman much less the son of God the Father, our Lord Jesus.’

maxi powell – you caught me!

Oh, look – it’s highway patrol day today.  You should see the cute little cars the fbi is sending the maine state police around in – but at least they have really big wheels.  I note that between the November, 2011 and June, 2012 the fib sent the state police to drive around 4 times.  Today makes 5.

maxi powell – ‘I want to harass Steve while you confess to perfidy.  If you let Steve’s children speak on the microphones I will kill everyone then cauterize with nuclear weapons.’

sounds a little like Michelle when I am walking outside – ‘My friend Julie that gave you a buzz in the hospital came by with her husband and an available male 3 times 3 times each last about June.’

maxi powell – ‘Ha-ha I get Steve.  What happens when you do that sort of thing Sainte Anne’s?  I know that Father Benedict told you that Steve was nearly the Church poet and that you are an atheist.  Ha-ha.  All this talk about marriage contracts and love.  Ha-ha.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘I note that Joe Artley, Tom Caruso and Paul Mitchell and a number of other men came to Maria like that when I was there.  AND I note that every women who has so much as driven past to look at me you did the same thing.  Your reverse psychology is not that you practice Christianity but you claim I do not.  And you have done that to Michelle since Christmas, 2005.  At first you stood outside Sainte Anne’s and yelled draft dodger just like you did Sainte Marie’ s Hospital in Duluth in 1975 and a lot of places when you knew I was not around veterans for peace draft dodging coward.

Why is it you think ladies should be second class and not entitled to do what you do if they choose to be like you?

You act just like a queer homosexual all the time and yell and puke all over the women listening here.  You are the one who has been caught.  You are both a draft dodger and a woman hater.’

sounds like Michelle – ‘As soon as Stephen Harper told us he was going to help Steve we moved.’

maxi powell – ‘You think you are so smart.  I thought we had finally rid ourselves of Sainte Anne’s.  Now Stephen Harper will not be able to deliver.  See how terrible you are to Steve and how terrible he is to you?’

Sgt. Philip Humble, actual U.S. Army

‘In the face of decades long violence and untoward acts on my family and Church I still note that when Steve got to MIT in 1967 I heard MIT complaining at Thanksgiving when a classmate from Blackwell was visiting that Steve was a spy for the navy and should not be allowed social contact in Cambridge.

I was then visited by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and told never to speak with Steve.  He had committed honor crimes on David and some of the men at MIT and owed non-commissioned time in the military.’

Ms Françoise Seville, PhD

I am sure all the ladies of the world have known that the united states has wanted to use Steve as an excuse to have a war with Canada since a Canadian lady name Marty Renault visited MIT right after American Thanksgiving in 1968.

[I thought that might be the case myself since only Anand seemed not upset by her visit.  I also gather later that some of the guys when they saw her the first two times out of three in the hallway on her way to the suite where we lived warned her not to speak about for instance Richard Nixon who seemed to be accepted on the foreign stage as truthful. "We don't want war monger Nixon mentioned to navy Steve."]

doctor and physician maxi powell, a friend to ladies and their children and all living things

“”I can hear what they are saying in Quebec.  They said that no one ever thought any of this was necessary but that it certainly does not harm anyone.  Michelle’s father said that Steve is not qualified to be a doctor.  I heard his son Lynn Robert tell him.”"

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘I remember what happened to my father.  I demand that anyone who told my father they were medical be taken to The Hague for execution.  The united states of massachusetts government is demanding the right to continue for another 20 years or nuclear war so you ask my sons how they feel.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘I don’t think there is anything that can quite compare with being fed total unadulterated hate all day long every day forever.’ [Although I must note that Michelle and etc have been here since before Christmas in 2005 trying to get in a few words.]

Blue Seahorse Top Gun

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘Look, Father Benedict!  It is happening again.  My son spoke with me at 4.30a and it is 6a now.

“”I’m the resistance in France.  Look, someone told HIM that he could listen to Beethoven when he got to France.  Then they started singing old MacDonald’s Farm – ‘A Philip here.  A Philip there.  A Philip everywhere.’  I always thought it was David Texas and Eddie Arkansas.”"

“”This is paul in boston.  My do-do michelle is good enough for Carl’s Jr  .  Would you believe that?  Now she’s trying to get away.  Let’s call barney and do her.”"

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘The ladies remind me Father Benedict that no black man ever said disparaging about my father.  ”"Hey, Carl.  Your son doesn’t have parents!”"  ”"If you can get him away from the navy, you can have him.”"

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘Father Benedict, a black man I worked with in Houston told me he attended Church.  He asked me if I noticed that whitey liked to put a gun to a man’s head and read him the Bible while he put him to death.’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘Me?  Father Benedict, imagine me ever hearing what whitey has to say!  ”"The Jews have a right to seek justice, you do not.  While I read the Bible to you and destroy your body with chemical weapons let me suggest that if scarecrow would put me in his mouth then I might but not guaranteed allow him to look for a job.”"

“”We only did that to a few.  We’re not nazis.  We’re medicals.”"

Father Benedict XVI

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘My son tells me early this morning that Father Benedict XVI asks that he be allowed to take the Solicitor of Quebec place [attorney general] in my criminal laundering suit against the united states of massachusetts in order to speak for the Quebecoise.

[Early on my website I pointed that the Quebec Constitution names Quebec a religious sanctuary for the Americas with legal specifications of required conduct when someone in the America's does not have freedom of religion.]

The Quebec Delegation [my wife Michelle's friends] report that the owner of a Quebec owned radio station has approached them and offered to sell them 25% to 35% of his company for legal protection against the same that have been plaguing my wife Michelle and her friends Quebec Delegation.

Thank you, my Michelle!

Steven Matthew – ‘We don’t want to see any men until we are with you my Father.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘Thank you, Steven Matthew.  My position is that you and your brother and sister should be with me before you see any men. I know from your love that your mother loves me and that we love you and your brother and sister.’

The Headless Horseman of Big Red’s Engendering Hollow [April 25]

There is a seamy side to Oklahoma football.  The football team cannot shake Curly’s fate in the story Oklahoma!!

Even David and Eddie were well trained in ‘headless horsemanship’ and allowed to do so without accountability.

Let’s go see Steve and try out this scenario on him.  Then we can tell everyone who it is we claim he hates!!

Everyone who reads my website knows I have written extensively about rich yellow boston press and in particular boston glob “carpetbaggers.”

Look, the ladies are having rare cancer.

So it seems I am hearing that a lady from my high school class in Oklahoma has cancer for the same reason that my Michelle is in remission from – some type of metalic of arsenic.

My Michelle and her friend Julie and 6 others have been besieged with accusations of sexual impropriety for the time since Michelle and I established business.

The International Criminal Court rejects the photos, papers and timelines of hangers on to be obviously manufactured.  The International Criminal Court, the Federal Courts and Quebec Courts on appeal note they have nearly prima facie evidence that all the charges are planned and paid for by the boston globe with help from national public radio and los angeles times.

Then what happens when the world is able to hear that after a telephone call from bipartisan mccain Pauline Marois suffers two cruise missiles into the “Old City” of Quebec, Quebec [government buildings].  Then a week ago yesterday the Federal Government announces they do not support the positions of mccain, kearry, romney and deval and obama and biden.  About an hour later half a dozen cruise missiles land apparently randomly in Ottawa.

My father’s big ears

Steven Matthew says that his mother, Michelle, tells everyone that Steven Matthew laughs when he can hear his father.  Steven Matthew says his father has big ears.  When he is sitting thinking and he can hear his father and his father can hear him, his father, me, begins to say what Steven Matthew is thinking.

Hi Marsha!! [P.S. - Michelle]  ;~)

My Two True Blue [and their sister]

Have called me tonight to deliver the bad news that Lynn Robert has stated so carefully.

He states that on the first day of International Criminal Court that the united states of massachusetts was told that the court knew I knew the standard United Nations request of military pay in damages.  I have asked that it be amended that my family for perpetuity never ending receive my retirement pay into our concern Quiet Rainbows, LLC.

In the background my son Steven Matthew states that he and his brother Lynn Robert and sister Megan Marie have always prayed fervently that they be able to tell me that after the police arrested me in 2008 for trying to move from Presque Isle, Maine to Sainte Agatha, Maine their mother [Michelle Roberge Killingsworth] was grievously injured by chemical weapons.

Harvard Two Step

“Michelle’s friend” – ‘Let me tell you who your friends are while we do this to you.  While Guy Desrochers is a fairly agrriegous example most of the people at Sainte Anne’s would never have said anything even if they felt you were too expensive.  They know how the united states is but perhaps not so concretely how it could be so much massachusetts.  And then there is the perfect storm.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘Your scenario as I have pointed out to you is new york power psychology with electrodes for the brain though with chemical weapons.  And you are beyond in a hurry everyday for decades to cause me to put you in my mouth from something you just said.’

pure hate – ‘Harvard is finding something untenable.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘Everyone on Earth knows my web site as infallible.’

pure hate – ‘Why don’t you go ahead and incinerate the united states of massachusetts – they all acquiesced.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘You are the one’s who are incinerating the united states of massachusetts.

I have never had a doctor my entire life.  I have never met a navy my entire life.  I have never met an actual religious representative of any type – and all of the war criminals presenting themselves as such are still waiting for a report from a man in the street afl-cio to yell psychotic at and rape me even worse than ever before.

You should find it small wonder that I think all of you belong hanging in The Hague.  Or that I would never care to talk to all the people just waiting for me to make a comment to use to get ripped.’

pure hate – ‘So there won’t be any united states of massachusetts?’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘So you are a patriotic?  So you are a patriotic supporter of for instance bill clinton?’

pure hate – ‘You are pure hate.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘I insist it is me that God the Father and Lord Jesus has come to see.  Never until Lord Jesus personally comes and requests is there pure hate united states of massachusetts.’

The Blue Two [April 21, 2013]

Lynn Robert – ‘My father, my mother loves you!  My mother says you write the best poetry.’

Steven Matthew – ‘My father, my mother loves you!  My mother says you are number one.  You treat ladies the best!’

Twisted dirty

Look, I finally got to sleep this morning so to what was I awakened?  Someone wants to dirty a poetry and commentary website beyond recognition with pure hate homosexual perversion so no one will say draft dodger.

Steve, Steve.  I’m Julie, Michelle’s friend.  It is hard for me to speak I am so emotional  I really am Church.  The woman’s position with her children is sacrosanct.

O.K. so what has been my position all along?

We don’t want you to go to Red Deer, Alberta to be with your children.  william gualme or whatever is from boston.  He would be much better for your children.  boston is a doctor and you have actually been getting medical care.  We want your children to be corrupted so that we can say children who have been visited by God support pure hate bestial homosexual perversion.

Are you sure that you are the mother not only of my children but any children?

If you go to Red Deer we are going to kill Stephen Harper.

And then claim you are worried about the primacy of the mother in human relationships.  And then you do this after Michelle very carefully made sure my children knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she loved me more than any man on the the Earth and that she was beyond honored by the poetry I wrote.  AND then look, my children turned out perfect.  “The Truth can match wits with anyone.”  What else was it that my children asked for after you extolled the virtues of business contracts and especially marriage business contracts to them?  How are my children not perfect and need what from bestial homosexual perversion?

I didn’t say I was Michelle’s Julie.  I am with the united states of massachusetts state dept under sec john-john kearry.  You are the united states of massachusetts child and our relationship with you is sacrosanct.

I demand before Lord Jesus and God the Father that no one that is human would not take you to The Hague for a world-wide public hanging.

Twisted papacy [Sunday, April 21]

It is 5.40a and I know my sons are up but it is completely silent here save the usual.

Dear father benedict and father francis as well I already know that you know that after Prime Minister’s Harper’s telephone call at noon on Tuesday my sons both immediately told the Catholic Sisters of Quebec that they are not Catholic.

The war criminal last night upon hearing me tell whomever the women were talking here that I have obviously dropped Quebec from my suit against the united states of massachusetts said that I was free.  He said that he is immediately asking that the nerve gas stop and the microphones be removed.  I note that my computer is laboring as I am.  He said that while individuals may on occasion run afoul of any government that in the united nations the united states of massachusetts would never be nerve gassing an entire country.  He says he is confident that Quebec will never be allowed any type of suit whatsoever.  Grandfather and Prime Minister Harper I gather were dumfounded the first week of March to know that Quebec had dropped asking for my release to Quebec as early as the second week after she took the Premiership.

The best advice told my sons that if they remained in Quebec with me when he obtained my release to Canada that I would be surrounded by the people who had been “stealing” from their father just as their father is surrounded by the people in the united states of massachusetts who are “stealing” from him.  Therefore perhaps they might like a fresh start in Alberta.  I was originally told that the lady they are traveling with is a Catholic Sister who is trusted but I have the feeling that although she is a known Church lady that she works for the Province of Alberta.  My sons know I was told that the 7 police women traveling with them are Surete du Quebec rather than apparently Mounties.

Twisted perfidy [Sat, April 20]

So last week my sons found that the suit had not been filed as they had been told.  The province of Quebec was supposed to file a suit against the united states of massachusetts to replace mine which carried Quebec as an equal claimant.  In the Quebec suit I was to be a little less than 50 – 50.  My suit is still extent and unknown comments are made by Church members who know that this touches close to something happening at the Church.

The noise you have been hearing is my sons.

After the damage had been done the ladies began to know with my wife Michelle and her sisters and the Quebec Delegation the last to know.  My sons do not know what the ladies have tried to do, but in February some of the Sisters not wanting my sons to take a hit had heard that court was not going well.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, my sons tell, called them at noon on Tuesday.  He assures them he can call the police.  My children all three of them love me so much!  And as usual my Michelle is stalwart and her friends also with whom it is a nice time when evil has to leave his post on the hidden microphones.  [I know that those who have not seen Canadian tv would not know that at 6p my sons stated at Church this evening that the united states of massachusetts thinks that peoples lives are just a game. They further note that if 13 or 14 of their kind had received enough threat or gas for them to sign false confessions there would have been huge support in the press around the world!  Imagine actual real signed confessions of twisted perfidy (and to replace a know false draft dodging charge.)]

My sons remind me that since we are doing it right we will be together!

Touched with a gift of the Master, Lord Jesus

After I wrote the post below titled April 17th I was given a revelation by Lord Jesus.  During a time of great trouble and strife for him and his brother Steven Matthew, my son Lynn Robert who is 7 in July addressed me with profound kindness and patience just as Lord Jesus of the New Testament would have spoken to me.

I was forever with Lord Jesus and God the Father and now I know I am forever with Lord Jesus and God the Father!

Twisted threats, twisted lies and twisted by thoughtful design.

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘In my reverse ivory tower I have long harbored suspicions about the safety of my Michelle, our children and family and friends Quebec Delegation.

I have long had dreams nearly from the beginning that my Michelle and her mother and friends Quebec Delegation at the very least were presenting themselves to me as my very small crying children.

I know you know that I know that because of the design of the nerve gas I have had it the worst of all the soldiers.

But how many ladies have had it worse than Mother Mary who was accorded official witness status?

I have never met Premier Pauline Marois, one of my children’s aunts maternally.  I know from the media of one and a half attempts on her life since she became Premier last year.  And I am told there were two other attempts and then there was so much time before she was Premier.

My suit in International Court against the united states of massachusetts is one of only perhaps ten dozen since the end of World War 2.  Since I am unable to attend my Barrister Mother Superior’s meetings I do not know the particulars but my suit also contains still the only suit Quebec has been able to press against the united states of massachusetts.

April 17, 2013 [Actually I note now the morning of Tuesday April 16]

It is a day like all others here.  The ‘medical staff’ at the hospital in Quebec, Quebec to which I was taken in 2005 as a special favor to Harvard Belmont Hospitals are laughing hysterically with beyond huge smiles on their faces.

At shortly before 5.30a Quebec time the host of the French Resistance Clasiscal Music station I have been trying to understand announces:

“SHE has come for us all!!”

The united states of massachusetts continues to pretend.  This time they are pretending that someone wishing to show support for the Church has not said, “Lord Jesus’ Mother Mary has come for us all!!”

Blue Seahorse’s Reef
@ Quiet Rainbows, LLC

Mother, my father’s word?

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘As I was explaining to Guy Desrochers last night before pure hate kept me up all night he is 6 months late.  At this point maxi powell has asked a women with a telephone number at CHCS Dover Foxcroft to ring my phone. [At 7.30a - she must be monitoring my website first thing every morning.  First appointment are at 8.30a except by special.]  Father Bordreaux a trusted employee of Father Ouelette has told the media that the united states of massachusetts must move out of Sainte Anne’s Cathedral.  sec john-john has had an employee tell Father Oulette that he is persona non gratis in Quebec and is not allowed to fly to Quebec with walking papers for massachusetts parading as Church employees.  Father Francis himself is said to have told sec john-john that Father Ouelette will be returning to Quebec and will be issuing “papers” to all the massachusetts occupying the Church in Canada and Father Sean’s non-functioning Arch-Diocese.

Michelle has told me that I was not told what I know to be true last Thanksgiving to be true to speed the process.  They [the Canadian government] has agreements with Michelle and her mother and Quebec Delegation that I can announce that I am Canadian after having the legal right to do so since I was at MIT.

Guy Desrochers has caused a huge amount of unfavorable press by ordering the Sisters at Sainte Anne’s to tell Michelle to abandon me as I am too expensive.  He has been helping the united states of massachusetts to mafia muscle in to Sainte Anne’s since before I left Presque Isle.

Grandfather Roberge – ‘I wish to give my son in law Steve good news for his sons Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert and his daughter Megan Marie who did not have the time line being given on the news report they heard this morning.  The International Court judge who has been overseeing your case in International Court has accompanied me to Augusta.  He told them that under no circumstances is anyone allowed to bother me.  He told them to immediately issue orders to the Maine State police to make sure that Grandfather and his helpers can get here and then get me to Sainte Anne’s – where there is to be NO massachusetts.  The u.s.m. was upset and told that they could not comply.  So the judge who has issued the summons to court to Mitty and sec john-john told them to put $10 billion in escrow.  The International Court will call when they have something to say.’

Michelle and our children, Michelle’s mother Megan Roberge, PhD and Quebec Delegation will not be deterred.  The united states of massachusetts has been exposed here and it is shortly going to make them look even worse than the press who turned on their partners at Sainte Anne’s as well as for the massachusetts representatives at Sainte Anne’s.  The public in the united states of massachusetts is laughing at the Church because of massachusetts parading as Church while assisting in raping Blue Seahorse’s Reef with chemical weapons.  As I have pointed out to the public here hate crime maxi powell has had me repeatedly sprayed with something to make my genitals he hopes as small as possible then have the hidden microphones scream at me that the police are coming.  Then I suppose the rich yellow boston press is to make a false statement that I am falsely accusing clinton and all of his friends of evading the u.s.m. draft while telling the world that I should pay for them.  maxi powell has had me sprayed 24 hours per day for perhaps at least 2 months with as much of the make someone’s genitals as small as possible nerve gas as possible.

This is a major war crime by the united states and everyone except me is in the know about which side has said what from the media they trust.

I have been regularly sprayed with nerve gas since MIT far worse than Nelson Mandela was.  AND STILL they, the war criminals of the united states, have no legal medical reasons for any of their statements here EVER!  They have been entirely political operatives in the open in the u.s.m. media raping someone for sport and political gain.

united states of massachusetts – ‘How do you like my doctor’s amused smirk on my face?  You are just a confused marijuana smoker trying to get out of public ridicule for committing the worst crime possible – dodging the u.s.m. draft.  I don’t want to see you make me eat my words so I will inject you to put you on ice for a decade which at your age finally will kill you.  You are also suffering from an afl-cio character defect.  You have delusions of grandeur about your poetry while I did not get a football degree in medicine.  I am so smart I am making super babies for the women who have been taught that they were mistaken that you had any intelligence whatsoever.’

Euthanasia against the victim’s better judgement!!

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘By now it must be common knowledge that the united states of massachusetts requires its licensed doctors to commit euthanasia against the better judgement of political unfortunates who have slipped through the cracks.

I have not until recently realized that murder by u.s. of m. physicians who are all required also to be state policemen is very obvious to the general public and the rest of the world.  It is said in massachusetts proudly that dr. tom whom I went to school with at mit tells on around 30 occasions that he has killed someone by lethal injection and a handwritten disappearing note from the governor of several states.

I was not aware until recently that all the death sounds here since I moved to Oklahoma in the 8th grade have been made by or for united states of massachusetts doctors in every state that I have had residence and several that I just drove through such as Arizona and Colorado where the state police were crying on TV that they were not allowed to take a treasonous draft dodger to the hospital.

maxi powell and john hardeman have asked several times per week for four years in Maine that I be incarcerated in AMHI in Augusta [Riverview Psychiatric] for the purpose of “disposal.”

The united states of massachusetts federal government on both sides has been demanding since the day after Obama’s incarceration that Michelle and our children and family have committed public embarassments on me that require that I be euthanized against their will – and that they will not confess in public without ever coming to see me.

Michelle’s father [and his friends] who is a real physician has been seen crying in public more than a few times since Christmas in 2005.

My care provider Nancy in Hampden and at CHCS in Bangor was told 6 months before I called her that I had agreed to a new care provider in Dover Foxcroft at the CHCS here.  Then I called her in February and told her there was so much nerve gas in the air that blood ran from my nose for several minutes.

She tells that a mutual aquaintance from Church in Hampden Barbie has had quadruple bypass surgery.  She said she was taken from St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital to Eastern Maine Medical Center for the operations.

Then I hear she said that her husband Ralph told her that he knows the ladies think that Steve is already dead [by some reports started when MIT coeds were told not to speak with me when I was there] and he knows the united states of massachusetts has already made the plans to murder me but they cannot get the Canadians to rescind their violent objections.  I rather gather that males are considered mostly u.s. of m. while the ladies are considered mostly Canadian.

There is talk that in Michelle and our children’s honor there is two to three times more money on demand deposit on my behalf than Kathleen gathered and desposited at the family detective agency which has offices in every state in the country wherever the state police are hiding the corporate offices.

A lot of Frenchmen are hearing that Nicolas Sarkozy helped put para-military in Quebec on massachusetts behalf.  Now it seems the French government has blown its stack and most of them are actually in hiding someplace determined by massachusetts.

Guy Desrochers -

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘So I have been asleep again this evening.  As I wake again I am spoken to by just exactly the voices I hear that are Michelle and my children here in my living room.

Then -

maxi powell tells me that there is a problem that I do not have pure hate – the united states.  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and all of the voices are replaced by maxi powell hate crime.

In no uncertain terms I have not done a thing mr chemical weapons – this is on you.  So now you say you have found me a Church somewhere and a lot of ‘your own speed.’  That’s what you think.  I am in fact military – the only one in the united states and you all know it.  Death before being pure hate.’

‘Hi, my name is Guy Desrochers.  Everything you have said is true.  You cannot be redeemed with us – we are the united states.  I cannot have you in Canada.  I cannot bare to have everyone know the truth and me live that much of a lie – at least any longer.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘This is not about me hate crime.  It is about you.  Let’s be pure hate to Blue Seahorse’s Reef 24 hours per day with chemical weapons and electronic mental subversion for 64 year – and deliberately and premeditatedly be worse every day.  It’s about you cannot get me to die on the vine totally dead so that you can say I am the one who is at fault and you owe nothing.  You are in fact a modern scientific pharisee and everyone on the the face of the Earth knows them to be pure hate.  Let’s see you tell everyone else how worried you are about them united states of massachusetts pure hate just as maxi powell has done here repeatedly every day I have been in Maine.

I am in fact entitled legally and Biblically to everything Michelle has said to me and even that which I have not reported to Anand.  Just several days past she asked that I start writing on my computers setups and other people in the area like Barbie and Nancy pretending to be from the Church that I am Canadian.’

I ask you to wait for me ….

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘It is 5.10a and Michelle has been up since before 4a; and yet I have not heard from her.  Nigger [the only name to which united states of massachusetts hate crime ever responds] has been spraying his most virulent non-lethal nerve gas all night – actually since Wednesday morning and my eyes are bruised.

At 10p last night in front of the united states of massachusetts media which only tells the hate crime side of everything bill clinton he said/she said style president obama told the Canadian Ambassador to the united states of america that he had place a $2 million bounty on anyone seen “with” Carl’s Jr.  After a heated exchange the Canadian ambassador is thought to have left washington, d.c.

One thing is certain, the Canadian Abassador made plain to pure hate that the united states of massachusetts would NOT be invading or otherwise to Canadian interests.

obama notes that sometime Sunday morning communications will be cut between Carl’s Jr….

In retribution I ask that the united states of massachusetts only be allowed to communicate with the rest of the world through public disclosure from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office.

I also think it prudent to note that I have never had medical care and Michelle’s father Dr Robert Roberge was barred from seeing me to not break precedent.  Those people who have seen me and told that they are doctors and other medical personnel should be taken to The Hague en masse.

Nigger I think must have decided to start a nuclear war because yesterday afternoon I told Michelle’s mother Megan in the style of George C Scott’s ‘Patton’ that “no woman ever saved a child by dying for it, but by living for it.”

Just the same the mostly happy ladies of the united states of massachusetts have never had anything for me.  Not even a Rosy or a pile to turn away.

I saved my children before I belatedly started transcribing God’s poetry that he intended me to present.

Michelle is the only lady who has had kind words for me not to mention….  although I might not say it in this manner her friends only follow her lead.

Michelle asks one of her friends to tell me that she and our children love me ….  and would I wait for them.

Everyone knows I never forget!

Michelle asks that I maintain my 2 websites but that I not post again [although I would like to finish putting out the desktops on Blue Seahorse's Reef.]  Michelle Roberge Killingsworth, Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth are equal partners in our family business Quiet Rainbows, LLC which by agreement with me owns everything I have.  I know that Quiet Rainbows, LLC will always be in good hands.

I love my wife who loves me and our blessings.  Mr Blue Seahorse, and father of my children Lynn Steven Killingsworth.

(April 7, 2013)

No Rest for the Weary

What does a servant of Lord Jesus and God the Father get to tell ‘yelling at him in his living room forever it seems’ his reward for persevering till it is time to testify?

Lord Jesus sent me Michelle Roberge Killingsworth with my three blessings [Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth.]

Lord Jesus sent me the gift to write over 440 poems over 350 of which ‘are also my gift from Lord Jesus.’

And then for all eternity if I choose I get to tell my massachusetts detractors that just like their boy clinton they refused the united states navy to serve in the officers corps and deserve their fate for someone who has gone A.W.O.L. because they didn’t want to fight ‘their war.’

And then for all eternity if I choose and I do choose I get to remind massachusetts that their A.W.O.L. repeatedly told the ladies listening in my Orono, Maine apartment in 2006 that the Catholic Sisters of Quebec were going to eat their body parts!!


Sunday – March 24

pure hate has been yelling into my living room even much louder than he has ever before.

He managed to wake me the first time at 2.30 a.m.  One of Michelle’s friends is always listening while the line is open.  Michelle has been listening frequently because of the huge effort being made to awaken me each morning.

pure hate was yelling that Michelle and her friends Quebec Delegation and the others who are parishioners at Basilica Shrine Sainte Anne de Beaupre had left me but were refusing to tell me because they had done so for someone else.

That means that pure hate is demanding that Michelle do that.

I think after my comments last week pure hate may now only be able to yell at Michelle et al by yelling into my living room.

Last Monday I noted on my website that three Surete du Quebec police visited Michelle to tell her that I will no longer be able to hear her.  They also went to continue badmouthing me to our children while I am being held.  Therefore I know they were badmouthing Michelle and the family to our children as well.  I told them I already knew they would never have our children and that the would love me no matter what happened as long as Michelle love me.  Lynn Robert announced from listening upstairs that he knows his mother loves me.  Then the three police left.  Before three more similar police arrived Friday two of the first group are in the united states – one of them actually an united states friend of pure hate while the third is being question.

On Friday they openly came for Grandfather, Dr Robert Roberge.  He does not say much since his brother was shot in the back twice on one occasion.  My children love their Grandfather.  A week past on Saturday Grandfather told me in front of everyone that he thought I was doing God’s work.  Still on the radio in boston I hear today one of the problems is that pure hate has been telling that Grandfather Roberge tried to have me committed so that Michelle would not come to see me.  pure hate at this moment is trying to tell me what to write and when ai do not use his version he starts to threaten me and the family.  Michelle says she told pure hate this morning that he cannot say that her father has ever done that and that it is true that Grandfather is one of the physicians who presents in court that it is a war crime that pure hate has been and is being allowed by the united states of massachusetts to present themselves as any type of medical personnel.

The same thing of the three different police on Friday who openly threatened Michelle with physical assault upon which our three children ran downstairs and began hugging their mother.  That was immediately after I could hear them and everyone listening here heard me begin ‘taunting’ them.  Two of them immediately went to the united states while the other is being questioned – and once again one of the three is known to be an associate of maxi powell just dressed for the occasion.  Now no one including the police are allowed into the area without an ID from the ‘Old City.”
I should say also once again that a charitable group maintains a home downstairs for two ladies who are assisted by 4 ladies at different times during the week.  Ar least one of them is known to have spoken personally with maxi powell.

I might also say here that all the Internet technicians for two different companies involved here in Dover Foxcroft are known to have met 3 or 4 associates of maxi powell including maxi powell himself.

Blue Seahorse [Lynn Steven Killingsworth]
@ Quiet Rainbows, LLC

REVEILLE: Presse verite sans frontiers

March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

March 15

The three tenors!

The Day After

bill – ‘You two should see the harley that Hillary bought.  She’s always had a penchant for harley’s.

john – ‘Cindy’s harley is candy apple red flake with blue wheels.’

john-john – ‘Theresa has been buying a matte black all-terrain vehicle for years.’


bill & john-john – ‘You’re progressing nicely john but we think you still harbor homophobic tendencies.’

john – ‘Cindy says that Carolyn says, ‘You can’t be a lesbian unless you smoke and wear a harvie tweed suit and smoke the SAME cigarettes as me.’

bill & john-john – ‘Hush, hush john.  Everyone thinks it’s harvard that’s gay.’


bill & john-john – ‘I think we have successfully blacked Carl’s Jr for speaking terrible tings about us while we were the worst mouths the ladies listening in Carl’s Jr’s living room have ever heard.  They also know all of his statements about the war crimes committed that he has reported are 100% correct.  Still, we have such big muscles we are sure every will say that Carl’s Jr doesn’t talk nice to the war criminals.’

john – ‘The ePublicans are laughing because just this morning he said that Ho Chi Minh is the greatest doctor who ever lived for the humanitarian medical care he gave McNamara and the others in the Kennedy administration.  Then just like every ePublican who has ever lived he thinks that although there are a lot of Jewish Faith who are demos and black people and and Hispanics he does not understand how white apartheid could be in control of the demo party by just changing their name to AFL-CIO.  I think all we need to do is pretend.  We can just pretend we have done nothing and tell how nasty his mouth is while we did it to him.’


bill – ‘I cannot seem to get Killingsworth to seek my approval.  Last time I told him, ‘You mean I did that?’ he told me that ladies never tell him that.  Then he asked me if I were about to show cockroach disdain for him.

I might have then made a fatal concession.  I told him I do not speak for the woman in Quebec.  He became pointed.  He said that Lord Jesus is preparing the way and it is getting easier and easier for him to make his points.  Then the s.o.b. asked why I referred to Michelle as ‘the woman.’

He said then that he was glad to know that I can no longer say that I am speaking for Michelle as he said I was telling that her position is that it is alright to do anything except murder someone, when he knows that all motorcycles state flatly that everything is alright except draft dodging.

For instance I know that everyone in the family knows the Golden Rule – ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!’

john-john & john – ‘There is a cure for prophets.  If you burn a prophets skin with chemical weapons long enough all of the women will hate him.
We also know he’s broke.’


bill – ‘We need to do something about Killingsworth’s website.  He has stated there that we have a detailed whereabouts nearly 24-hous per day at least since the talk about Dave Stallworth basketball player at Wichita State.  He said that we had no intention of ever prosecuting him for anything because we needed a big long running media event.  We should teach the women a lesson.  We should all claim that that the navy sprayed nerve gas on us while we spray Killingsworth primarily and Anand and Ed.  The navy won’t say anything because of extrajudicial practices like not showing up for some people.  Besides at least two really beautiful blonds have been looking around.  We get the blonds and Killingsworth gets the time for our war crimes.’

john-john and john – ‘We have some really, really good spray for the women.  We don’t think any Republican outside of massachusetts should ever be allowed to have sex.  We can make the Bush family women, the Boehner family women, the deMint family women and the Paul family women all frigid.’


bill – ‘You should hear what Killingsworth just said to our fellow pure hate working on him.  He said, ‘All this time you have insisted that that I was a draft dodger while bill was not a draft dodger and therefore all the males with him.  Then you have have a lot of females that have all had sex with ted telling me that bill and his draft dodger s and they are all that there is on the face of the Earth.  That’s what you told me all the years before Michelle got here.  Now for some reason you think you can do so again.’

john-john & john – ‘Our final solution of committing genocide on everyone who believes in God is a little behind schedule.  I want to see it happen before I die so badly that I can taste it.’


Tufts New England School of Medicine women’s football team committing war crimes for massachusetts – ‘We accept your statement that Michelle Roberge Killingsworth is your Church.’


Tufts New England School of  Medicine women’s football team – ‘At bill clinton, johm kearry, john mccain, mitt romney and ted’s request we take back our statement that we accept that Michelle Roberge Killingsworth is Steve’s Church.  We insist that bill clinton always be the spokesperson for the women of massachusetts.’

Michelle Roberge Killingsworth – ‘There are no men with my husband Steve.  I will never forgive any of the men who have spoken to me about Steve.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘My dear Megan Marie Killingsworth, Steven Matthew Killingsworth and Lynn Robert Killingsworth I have always known that while your Mother loves me you will also love me no matter what happens.  The men with 10,000 years of science which they hide from everyone have always known that to be true as well.  Please help me by speaking for me with your mother until I can!!.’


Premier Jean Charest – ‘I cannot tell you how happy I am to be here at Basilica Shrine Sanctuaire Sainte Anne de Beaupre with my friend Philippe Bergeron.  I wish to congratulate Father Guy Desrochers on his selection as rector of Shrine Sainte Anne.  I cannot stay long as I must attend many celebrations in the media that such fine representatives of massachusetts are taking the lead spokesperson positions.’


mitt – ‘Prime Minister Pauline Marois, as you know massachusetts interests are always looking for successful businesses to take over.  We must look for already successful companies because when the public discovers that the mafia are giving orders in their company the company only grows at 20% rate it would normally grow so care must be taken for massachusetts not to announce too soon in order to maximize the payout.  It is always better to have a safe house to dirty rather than one’s own house as well.

You Prime Minister Pauline Marois are known everywhere except in the rich yellow boston press as not only a financial expert but a watchdog to prevent fraud on Quebec and Quebecoise.  Therefore we consider it a must win that we corrupt your position.  In 6 months to a year your country and many businesses [such as those in which Michelle and her friends have invested] may need to refinance 25% to 30% of the business and we are putting in the fix so that you will need refinancing from massachusetts and my interests.’


mitt – ‘Michelle, I have been speaking with bill, john-john and john. This is a privileged conversation.  If barrie hears this all the brothers will know.

Michelle, if you don’t start doing what you are told you are going to have a fate worse than death.  You will lose your police line to the microphones in Killingsworth’s living room and you will be required to break before you get reports on Killingsworth every 6 months..  The children will lose their email addresses and Killingsworth will not be able to send you business papers.  AND just remember it will be much worse on Killingsworth.

I am legally entitled to be controller here.  For the same reason Killingsworth gives, divine right [his by a gift of poetry and his children and wife from God and myself because God gave me huge muscles] I had the authority when I was governor of massachusetts to sign a death warrant on Killingsworth with no time limits and me as permanent controller.’


bill – ‘If Lord Jesus and his God the Father would stop loving Killingsworth I would be much nicer to Killingsworth.  If they do not they will be responsible for me murdering Killingsworth.  I have moral authority because I said first.’

john-john & john – ‘Good go!!  We’re atheists and we hate women.  That is really the way to treat the underclass that is always in the violent Bremen style union of massachusetts way.’


Steven Matthew & Lynn Robert – ‘The only Catholic Fathers in Quebec today who got a bath are the ones from the united states of massachusetts who do not stay [and very long at that!]


Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘In the media this morning [Tuesday March 19, 2013] I see a report that a medical services company of some type received an employment discrimination suit from the federal government in Florida.  So I ask.  Did the federal government sue my cousin Kenneth eho is a major red and has been asking to see me since I was in the tenth grade.  And the answer is yes.  [Remember jerry lester of houston how you told me how you help companies get around the law in hiring practices by writing employment advertisements for a fee?  You said that almost all of them had hired someone without posting the job in public.  That means that the afl-cio and massachusetts did not get to move someone into a company and then build on it to take over the company.  The war criminal who commits the war crimes on me right now is defending you jerry lester.]

The obama administration helped target my cousin’s company with minorities with asssisted credentials and vilent denials that they were unionists thinking they have a right by virtue of big muscles to order someone around for ted and john-john and etc in massachusetts.

Then 2 federal government employees have arrested without bail and charged with guiding and protecting the union activities.  The judge is laughing at Stephen Bryar,  Elena Kagan and Chief Justice John Roberts who vacated his lifelong beliefs after the obama administration took office.

It is obvious that the war criminals who have been trying to cripple me so that the stated goal now is prevent me writing and maintaining a website should be charged with aiding and abetting the known false charges on my cousins.  It is also obvius that the war criminals from the united states government commanding the violent Bremen style unionist in Florida are aiding and abetting the war crimes being committed on me and my family with Michelle Roberge Killingsworth.

Remember Joe?  You called me out of the clear blue when bill clinton was running for president in 1992 to tell me from somerville that it does not make any difference whether one is a draft dodger or not.’


bill – ‘I am still laughing because the Canadians do not know I have won and that every further pyrrhic victory makes it just much easier for me and the afl-cio and rich Englishmen like ryan who are propping up glen rhodie island and david texas.  I was in both Quebec and Vancouver in 2010.  Although the Canadians won because of united states of massachusetts fbi field office dirty tricks the Canadians were wretching their guts while we barely broke a sweat.  Now they are really going to wretch.’

bill – ‘There is legitimate disagreement about who is Canadian and who is not – as you will recall from the Clinton [he said/she said] Doctrine.’

joe – ‘Careful, my best buddy bill, I confessed to Steve in 1992 before the presidential election that everyone in massachusetts knew that you, bill, were an actual drat dodger.’

bill – ‘I was yellow.  I don’t want anyone to know I was on the massachusetts team in 1964 and helped design all of massachusetts.  I deserve better than to get my hands dirty.  If nato insists that volunteers to the nato military are international then I think we should avoid the embarrassment of being expelled and u unilaterally withdraw in self righteous draft dodging.

First of all, either national public radio is Canadian or there will be immediate nuclear war.  Second of all I am head of the draft dodgers navy so I have right of first refusal on everything that is Canadian.  I know I do.  The kennedy appointed me at the same time paul and their other friends at mit banned me.

It is is just as John Kenneth Galbraith stated, ‘Everyone on the massachusetts team is a landed immigrant in Canada just in case.  And if you don’t think so just ask massachusetts.’

bill – ‘I don’t mind going through this repeatedly especially in an election year since it means so many draft dodger votes for annexing Greece , for instance.’


bill – ‘I don’t know what Killingsworth is talking about.  He must have a sex problem.  Maria must have kicked him out of bed because he is smaller than all the friends of all of ted’s girls.

Killingsworth has it exactly backwards. Myself and all of my friends don’t commit war crimes.  We’re spreading true love as often as we possibly can.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘O.K., bill.  As a peacenik in Chicago in 1968 how do you explain that it sometimes appears that only the ladies were not carrying guns.  And then explain your gun giveaway program as president.  I’m wondering whether it was more expensive than making a trust fund for npr with at the at the very least matching funds.’


bill – ‘Look, another woman is asking about Killingsworth.  Let’s do this from the presidency of the united states of the massachusetts, ‘Help, help!  Steve is raping me.  I’m Michelle.  I cannot get away from Steve.’  Now let’s hep Michelle out.

What a revoltin’ development this is.  Michelle says she loves her Steve and she is never leaving her Steve. I don’t know whether I will be able to stand what he says about us.’


bill – ‘Steve, good buddy – let me help you.  You have problems with women that you cannot begin to imagine.  Let me in.  Let me be with you.  You can forget 50 years of war criminals like me yelling ‘draft dodger, ‘ throwing corrosive chemical weapons on you and electronic assisted attempts at mental subversion.  You will enjoy forgetting that and only thinking about sex – about all the sex I am having.  Let’s not have any more talk about me and everyone with me being ‘pure hate.’  We just guys trying to get laid – O.K.?

It was never made official that I am a draft dodger.  I’m still legal seafoods.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Why have you insisted on being in my living room 24 hours per day for 50 years when everyone knows that pure hate massachusetts is with david texas, eddie arkansas, ed connecticut, joe levittown and glen rhodie island?’

bill – ‘Killingsworth is stupid.  He is accusing the united states of massachusetts of sending enough muscle to Canada to do the same thing to the family’s Internet that they do to his. He also states flatly from divine revelation that the united states is dressing [actual real united states of massachusetts and NOT Vishy] as Surete du Quebec and making forceful threats and attempts on his family.

The bits in the Texas Medical Center mostly registered nurses are causing so much trouble to massachusetts doctors in Texas and Maine the must be dumber than Killingsworth.  They accused the doctors in Houston with conducting drug experiments on human beings while lying to the staff about what they were doing and intending to do.  The R.N.have gone back through a lot of patients charts of patients that showed a little wherewithal and drawn up drug guidelines.  The state medical association has agreed.  Then they were asked what the real previous guile lines were and they were told.  They are demanding safe guards for their guidelines.  The doctors finally confessed but claimed they lost any influence in my case when I went to Wisconsin.  Then they were asked why they sent someone to Maine last time I was incarcerated to which they replied that they were only observers.  The Texas Nursing Assoc announced their guidelines a month before the elections last fall to deaf ears in the press.  The nurses state that their guidelines are in 60% agreement with the guidelines drawn up by new england nurses and separately in 60% agreement with guidelines drawn up by california nurses.

That just cannot be that the people being used to develop ‘Forbidden Planet’ for us in the intelligentsia could be allowed to go free and talk about all the crimes that had happened to them after we temporarily drained the chemical weapons out of their bodies.

I also refuse to be told by a lot of Texas rarebits that I cannot claim that all these victims of mine are imagining all this happened to them.’


bill – ‘Perhaps we can get Killingsworth for practicing medicine without a license.  He has been telling that after 6 weeks of full spectrum amino acids and a week at full dose he is really, really, really, really strong so he is watching closely.  In particular his amino acids seem to be doing wonders to assist his Wellbutrin [bupropion].  What happens if my victims find this statement?’

john-john & john – ‘I wouldn’t worry about it.  Paul tells that once your draft board declares you they never check up on anything concerning you.  You are from Illinois aren’t you?’

bill – ‘Oh, so you think I could ghost for Hillary if I change my power base to Chicago?’

john-john & john – ‘Not a chance.  Neither of us is too old yet and we were both in line first.  We will grant you however that she is inline ahead of Kerry.’


bill – ‘I just blocked Killingsworth from putting a photo of himself in his new glasses that have the same standards as the state of Maine sets for children’s glasses.  He says they are really nice – just what he had been wanting to order.

bill – ‘Let’s have some fun from the president’s office. Let’s do what ted has been doing for several decades.  “Maria, it’s me bill.  I cannot get there.  I am afraid of Steve.  I’m worried what he might do when I show up.  I sorry Maria – I cannot show up.  I am afraid of Steve.  Hello – massachusetts state police.  This is ted.  Maria is afraid of Steve.  Rough him up for me.  I will not be there as usual for the publicity.  I cannot actually show up unless I can get a draft dodging conviction over the girls’ objections.  They are telling that they could not get Air Force officers to arrest Carl’s Jr because the navy is mad that when they did not show up I said he must be so mental like his father he should be ripped at the Belmont Hospitals until he dies of natural causes.  And you know what that says about anyone who likes him?’


bill – ‘I hear this morning that I have been caught throwing my weight around in Canada.  I insist that Killingsworth tell everyone that the Mounties are sacrosanct and that it must be them trying to see Michelle to make threats face to face with no one knowing or seeing any evidence rather than my united states of massachusetts muscle pretending to be Quebec policemen.  Maria lives in New York now I hear and I am still afraid to see her because Steve might do something to me.  Killingsworth not only does not get to write about draft dodging and the war crimes I commited on him he does not get to write about inconvenient truths of my sex life.  I nearly was impeached over Monica so the Republicans were thinking I could be blackmailed by the new KGB.  It is no one’s business the sexual practices of unionized water buffalo.  Just the same the only thing wrong with Killingsworth until we can get a draft dodging charge is that I cannot see Maria because I am afraid of Steve.’

bill – ‘My fellow American unionized water buffalo.  I am sponsoring a recall election on Gov Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  He says the only proof the State of Wisconsin has that Killingsworth ever lived in Wisconsin are massachusetts state police documents which have been signed by all the governors of massachusetts since I was sworn in the first time and new york state police documents signed my favorite next president gov andy.’

bill – ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?  Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?  As soon as my money is safely double locked in the Bank of Kosovo we’re all going to see Maria.  I have played basketball with all the most beautiful woman of Hollywoods.’

Typical most beautiful woman of Hollywood – ‘Am I going to need to sell my Hollywood estate and my Long Island estate?  Every time I refuse to play basketball with sen chuck I start to have traffic accidents with the police.  I know I can get 6 times the value in Tulsa and 3 times the value in Corpus Christi and the Padre Islands AND have enough money left to have my own national park in Wyoming to ski but my husband is an L.A. investment fund manager and holds at least 2 seminars every week in LA.’

bill – ‘I’m still mad at those guys.  I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it.  Killingsworth told the girls that in less than 20 days this month he has at least 5.6 GB of bandwidth.  david texas, joe levittown and I and et al have never had a date with a woman who was practicing any type of religion.  They’re just like Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter – they cannot have Killingsworth.’

bill – ‘david texas won.  I’m just like david.  I love my classic mustang.  Republicans are such hicks.  Just ask a masschusetts navy officer.  At lest they know how to buy themselves a beer.’

david texas – ‘Killingsworth came to visit my coffin apartment in Austin in the early 80′s.  I left photos of all type laying around including one on the top of a pile of photos of a heavy set naked woman in a yellow raincoat.  I didn’t say this to Steve but three of us were able to pile on her at the party.  I think we should marry Steve off to her.  If I loved a prostitute I would marry her.’

bill and et al – ‘Girls are pure hate.  They think they get to tell you about us.  WE get to tell you about GIRLS.  And the same goes for your father.  WE will tell you all about your father.

We’re going to disabuse you of the notion that when we speak like this to you and we say no one is listening that you can say we said this war crime.  AND we’re going to disabuse you of the notion that when you’re not around and we speak to everyone else like this even in world-wide news media that you can say we often sound nearly verbatim to your claims.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘When al corleoni looked into my heart did he tell you that I have long noticed that no lady has had me arrested for draft dodging.  I notice also that is true about such luminaries as Jimmy Carter, Deng Xao Ping, Breshnev and Ronald Reagan and in recent times George W Bush, the Koch Bros and Michael Bloomberg to name a few.


March 21 [1 a.m.]

national public radio – ‘Alright, well you do this.  Alright, well you do that.  Alright, if you’re the Carl’s Jr, then get out of bed.  See, we’re giving you orders and you are obeying them.  We’re in control.  How do you like the ‘war of the worlds’ without Orson Welles that we are broadcasting into your living room this morning?  There are 40,000 Mounties, there are 20,000 Surete du Quebec.  Look, Jean Charest is trying to assassinate Pauline Marois.  Look, Jean Charest hired 8,000 new Surete du Quebec and they have joined 30,000 massachusetts state police to take over Quebec.  No wait, it’s Stephen Harper and Pauline Marois to the rescue.  They have hired thousands of Mounties and Surete du Quebec.  They have cut the Quebec border – look there are 6,000 massachusetts state police living in tents in the snow.  We’re your Quebec.  We’re your Quebec.  You don’t get to publish.  We’re not going to allow you to publish.  You don’t get to publish.  You don’t get to re-Christen the Quebec Connection the Quebec Delegation.  We’re your Quebec.’

Blue Seahorse Michelle’s beautiful friend – ‘You are not good enough to be considered nazi pubic radio – you are draft dodger radio all the way to the core.  You have never had a Vietnam veteran or any other type of veteran on your staff.  Your fearless leader bill clinton and all the rest of massachusetts are bona fide draft dodgers just as I have said here.  You are the reason that Vietnam changed their mind about the united states.  You mock yourself and your attempts to take over a country on behalf of massachusetts.  You did in fact send thousands of people into Canada in 2000 and 2005 when I was in Quebec.  You did in fact pay large sums of money to yell draft dodger at me in Canada and then spend large sums of money to yell queer at me in Canada.  You have in fact tried to run every woman in Canada into the ground that has looked here just as you have in the united states.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt national public rsdio and boston glob and the rich yellow boston press associates of yours in the united states and Canada and around the world are draft dodgers on behalf of massachusetts who have committed perpetual war crimes on me for 50 years and as much war crime as possible on anyone who has shown up here.  Then in your best George Orwell Animal Farm double speak that you practice on flash cards in the basement of hospitals so your conversation will appear intelligent you stand and scream that your war crimes are medical procedures.  You are the filthiest niggers that have ever walked the face of the Earth and you are atheists and draft dodgers to the very last one.’

@ Quiet Rainbows, LLC

de corriger la verite [la verite presse cinquieme soutien]

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[la verite presse cinquieme soutien] [2 posts; 1896 pages]

The time whose truth has come! – Michelle

I love my wife who loves me! [I would never say 'we are in love' without asking first.]

Our father is grande soutiens! – Our Blessings

Almost imperturbable!  With a breath of fresh air takes off like a bullet.  We know the military is not in massachusetts but if the navy does not say anything how can they be mad at someone for attending M.I.T.?  My son is a graduate of M.I.T.! – Ladies’ medical team.

This is a test!  [Within the hour.] [This is no longer a test.  I like my site better now!]

[If you think I am worse than the rich yellow boston press either you have not seen it or you do not know what they are 'talking about.']


GRANDFATHER – ‘The problem for the massachusetts war criminal is that my son-in-law remains conscious while he is being drugged.  It takes a huge dose to get people to be agreeable when they are unconscious so the amount of chemical weapons being used is beyond large to get an effect of any type from Steve.  The home setting is both an attempt to be agreeable and cause consternation from listening to people who are not in the area to be gassed and it would also be untenable for the other patients at a clinic to see a doctor or known fbi or veterans for peace hanging around when Steve is there.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Grandfather I am sure you would know that since Thursday evening my children have received several emails from me. I have promised to send Michelle her favorite cartoon ['love is'] every day!’  ;-)

Michelle [March 10] – ‘A fellow followed Grandfather from Ottawa yesterday to his motel and tried to kill Grandfather with a gas canister.  Grandfather’s bodyguard shot him.  Surete du Quebec has been talking with him.  He’s from New York.  The New York state police have already been charged in international venue for running interference for the assassin.’

pure hate yelling into my living room – ‘We’ve already been warned and told what to say by the police in Maine and massachusetts.  We have been leaning on Charlotte White employees to make false complaints about you.  We’re going to have the local police press charges on you and pretend not to know anything about anything else  if our assassin is not immediately released.  We also want the assassin who shot Grandfather’s brother released to the New York state police so he can be reunited with his family in massachusetts.  We’re going to kill you with a gas canister like that as well.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘You have just made enough threats and other talk here to be charged for the third time with conspiring to commit an assassination in Canada – and that includes the government employees in the united states who have been assisting you.’


March 14, 2013

1.30 p.m.

‘I was told a good three weeks ago that a Euro lady radio host whose station could previously be heard south of Ottawa and west of Quebec now cannot be heard in that area to the Mexico border.

She stated over the air that she thought my poetry merited my inclusion on United Nations artists list with which I am not actually familiar.  She stated also that my wife Michelle should be included as well.

So I tuned in and found that like a lot of Euro Internet broadcasts there is only music with no comments by hosts.  Previously I had listened at other times slots and there were hourly quick news updates to start.  I am pretty sure now that the station and others now are not reachable from the area I described for two weeks while some music stations that had already changed their broadcast to the u.s. before I was listening are still online [only music - comments by hosts.]

Euro countries demand reciprocity so some Internet media broadcasts from the u.s. are not now available everywhere.

1.15 p.m.

Blue Seahorse war criminals – ‘Hi ted!  Did I hear you say someone is getting MIT dirty?  What happens if someone does not bother to register for Selective Service?  Isn’t that what happened to Abby Hoffman?

I hear there are 30 to 40 known ‘not registrants’ associated with MIT.  At least four of them were prominent radicals [recalcitrants] when I was there during the Vietnam Conflict.  All four of them have had life long jobs on Route 128 or Connecticut etc at $160,000 to $170,000 per year.  In the face of that how do you get research assistants at MIT to work for $80,000 per year?

And then you did far, far worse not only to harvard and tufts but the four [?] medical schools in the area.

ted – ‘Girls, aren’t my friends cute?  If you want continued funding you should be sure to carry one on your research grants.’

High Noon

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘I wonder how many of the ladies with whom I have come in contact ted invited to have sex with him?  Even ladies who were only [no even remotely intended involvement] professionals along the way – college instructors, physicians, nurses and lawyers for instance.

If they were married their husbands are due damage awards under marriage laws and their children as well.

In ted’s case the massachustts state government and federal government assisted him which makes the other concerned parties victims of a certain degree of rape under legal statutes.  Second degree rape means they were physically assaulted and carries mandatory prison time.’

6 a.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Tomorrow is my 64th birthday.  I have a short history based on statements by a cousin on my father’s side.

My Grandmother Beulah won a court order in 1987 to be able to confide in me.  She was bedridden and thought to be dying in over 2 months.  Knowing this one of ted’s lawyers asked the court in the D.C. district courts to cool off for 6 months and they granted ted his request.

The next year after my brother John died in a boating accident  [Gov Rick Perry or anyone federal or otherwise will make statements concerning the charges about my brother's death, so a lien has been allowed against the state of Texas in federal court.] my father requested the D.C. federal courts order that he be allowed to speak with me.  After two months on the docket with no reply my father died.

In 1996 my cousins asked to speak with me in federal D.C. courts.  The request is still told to my cousins every 6 months that it is still in the docket.  A private investigator states that an attorney with distant ties to secretary of state john kearry has requested a permanent cooling off period for the courts [as though a union were being unfairly prevented from some activity concerning me.]

In 2009 a federal judge granted my cousins with no successful challenges that no friend of the court briefs by any physician whatsoever can be allowed on my record.  The other effect of the statement implied my wife Michelle is told that her father Dr Robert Roberge is my physician until I object.

My cousins are not allowed to see me by positive order so are not allowed to buy airline passage to Albany, New York, boston, massachusetts, bangor, maine or toronto, Canada.

Wednesday March 13, 2013

30 seconds to midnight on the atomic clock

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘nigger, your woman is telling me she is ashamed because there is no way she can ever make up for what has been and is being done to me.

I told her that people are not ashamed of something if they did not do it.

Then I told her that perversion thinks that if he kicks the * out of a woman she will assume his guilt.

If my wife tells me she is ashamed ….  See, nigger…  I already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did this.  I insist you be put to death!!’

Lady – ‘Thank you, Steve.  Steve is a man!  Let Steve go!!’

perversion – ‘It’s not my decision.’

Lady – ‘Isn’t that what Steve has been telling us?’

perversion – ‘I’m right with you.  You’re not with me.  I’m behind you and not the other way.’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘What if I’m facetious?  Hey, look at me.  I’m double blind.  I’m ashamed.  It works really good after you have been working on a woman for several years.’

Mother Megan – ‘Thank you, son!  Michelle’s Steve is a better psychologist than all those harvard psychologists put together.’

perversion – ‘Look, I just forgot everything I knew and was thinking about all this.  Let’s continue on and on over and over again.’

perversion – ‘Sweet thing.  Let me confide in you, then I know you will be ashamed of your man even though you know I am making known false charges against him.’

perversion – ‘Blue Seahorse if I catch you talking with the ladies and children I will rip you with chemical weapons in a hospital so that you will not be able to defend yourself.’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘You mean that sort of stuff works on ladies?’

perversion – ‘If you beat on a woman long enough they become childlike and are ashamed of their husbands.  That’s what you are doing.  You are confiding in the women.  All I’m doing is following you around and not the ladies. ‘

5 minutes to midnight on the atomic clock

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘Once again I can hear someone say that if only Carl’s Jr had not moved they would have set up with him.  Usually whoever is saying that it was written in massachusetts stating their demand that what they said they were going to do is the worst they can be accused of cheating me.

After I returned to Madison in May of 2001 by early 2004 I had received 8 serious replies from companies needing a computer person for something.  None of them were able to cough.  A serious offer means that a person will participate in knowing what the company is doing, what type of changes in the computer department and what type of promotional opportunities are available for which one should train.  Otherwise just come to work every night and hear nothing for years.

There were in fact ladies suggesting to some every so often I saw so and so’s resume perhaps…

It should be obvious to everyone by now that all levels of united states of massachusetts government including the navy have been playing for ted kennedy against me – and somewhat after I got to high school on my father rather than the unions.

Because the ladies were trying to help once in a while I was drug raped repeatedly over the years.  Finally in early 2004 the ladies did something that caused the united states to super barf.  You have been reading my website about all the nerve gas and hidden electronics.  You have heard that pure hate yelled at me in Canada and continued when I came to Maine.  Before 2004 in Madison I occasionally talked with various individuals claiming to be sitting at the pentagon or CBC for instance.  The ladies did something once again and pure hate blew completely.  He began open yelling and screaming and warfare on me in Madison.  I left at Easter 2005.

pure hate is still doing so.  ted kennedy and the united states government at all levels are in fact pure hate perversion beyond war criminal.

Have there been any major politicians who thought as much as to say a kind word?  Several prominent Republicans have stated that they would like to speak with me.  I heard Ronald Reagan.  He was denied and he told them that if he could not then they would never be able to do so.

Other Republicans kept their council then have blocked them precipitously many times.

Why then would the Bush family take steps to help me and no one else – though obviously they have friends.  Everyone knows that when they hear me a hundred times what Ronald Reagan did happens.

pure hate – ‘You’re not allowed to know that. Or that doctors all over the world have been speaking frankly on their nations TV.  We’re setting up with you whether you like it or not.  Get used to it.’

Blue Seahorse Quiet Rainbows, LLC – ‘No one anywhere has seen such hatred directed at women – even the ones that you coerce to work on me.’

10.30 p.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Good news on the push for presse verite!  Three Euro countries in which news organizations have been blocked on the Internet to the united states of massachusetts have responded by blocking national public radio broadcasts of all types on the Internet.

Rumor has it that three lady medical personnel in Penobscot County and one in Piscatiquis County have been receiving mail from debt collection agencies which are fronts for the federal government – just like the ones I was receiving last year.  Of course the bills are entirely concocted and are meant as a threat of violence.  Only one of the ladies has ever met or spoken with me.

Since I have been in Maine the fbi boston area field office has been accompanying various local police agencies to financial institutions claiming the clear and present danger that lady medical personnels’ patients have been assisting international terrorists – the visit to the financial institutions without federal court papers secret or otherwise.

Lady medical personnel – ‘Would you please not tell Steve’s girlfriends what I have been saying?’

2 p.m.

pure hate – ‘You get your own treatment.’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘I order you incinerated in a nuclear holocaust.  You have been telling me for several days after you finally admitted you understood what I said that I mean Hitler was a war criminal while you are pure hate.’

Blue Seahorse Quiet Rainbows, LLC – ‘You must have a lot of feminine admirers if i may be facetious.  What happens when you do this sort of thing to a woman?

For Patty Hearst first it was Cinque and then the media in a huge extravaganza.  It sounded like, “Patty you have gone over to the dark side!”‘

11.00 a.m.

Blue Seahorse Quiet Rainbows, LLC – ‘I note that pure hate has a team that continually props each other up and knows the best type of valium for support.

They have maintained a false front of smelling psychological damage in an enemy for decades always promising their supporters ‘one more time’ and we will have mental subversion.

Michelle has three beautiful children and a loving close family as well as many friends. How should we say that with “two weeks of fresh air and French home cooking” Michelle and the family and friends will be so strong they will think they are dealing with an army of wonder women.

9.15 a.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Most human beings would be glad to know right now that 5 year old queer sadistic perversion sounds weak from humiliation – so he is mocking and making light of the fact that he is in fact not qualified to be in the military, clergy or medical field.’

8.20. a.m.

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘As I have told you when I was in the tenth grade Wichita State Univ had a star forward on the team named Dave Stallworth – an All-American.  Then I noted that a sportswriter heard rumbling from ted or someone trying to call massachusetts in Kay County, Oklahoma and decided to help ted.  He began writing that it was a shame that Stallworth [in the secret vernacular it means that Stallworth is Dave's father and men always hate their father] was too tall to fight on the front lines in Vietnam Conflict.

I wonder whether he was too tall to be a member of jerry brown’s state police storm troopers in California or similar for mitt romney in massachusetts.

Now did you know there is a minimum height and eye sight requirements as well unless you have a skill that the navy needs and that it does not make any difference your physical stature.  There are a lot of men world-wide 4’10″ tall committing assassinations for the united states of massachusetts including with the rifles used by the infantry in Vietnam Conflict.  There are also helicopter mechanics all over the world who have coke bottle bottom glasses, Dave.  You do know that don’t you Dave?  Not to mention engineers and computer expertises.  Especially if they score engineering duty only on an rotc or academy qualifying exam – the upper 15% was a score of 8.5 of 10 when I took the exam and I know beyond a shadow of a down that the first number I could see was 9 [oh, imagine the rumor 2 9's.  More than a few I suspect at MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Irvine and Univ of Texas to start.]

Philip’s eyes are probably still at least as functional as mine are.

Come out, come out, come out wherever you are massachusetts.  You deserve a date forever with queer sadistic perversion united states of massachusetts government at all levels and all venues – nothing to worry about since they are all doctors who are quite sophisticated and humane.

I wonder why david texas, h ross perot and john mccain bothered attending annapolis since they were born knowing all of the truth that I have on my website.

david texas, would you care to inform us how much beer runs at the officers’ mess at annapolis?  Still, I am quite sure that Philip, Anand and even Ed and I caused about 5% as much trouble in high school and university.

6.16 a.m.

Cardinal Blue Seahorse – ‘I’m sorry ambassador frenchie.  I cannot see joseph biden.  As you see there are members of the press here for your meeting.  If joe six-pack came there would be no members of the press.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Be a sport joe six-pack.  I’m brave enough to attend for Presse Verite sans Frontiers.’

6.10 a.m.

Blue Seahorse [Steve] – ‘I hereby more appropriately rebrand Michelle’s friends Quebec Connection: Quebec Delegation [delegation du Quebec de Quebecoises Bleu National.]

6.01 a.m.

ted – ‘I can see already that the known false draft dodging charge isn’t going to go down well.  His freshman class at MIT just watched the movie ‘The Third Man.’  Let’s start laundering money so that the boston glob et al can show the public a ‘The Third Man’ scenario.  Rather than Orson Welles commit heinous crimes on behalf of a huge number of friends let’s find out what Carl’s Jr thinks is a crime and then have his ‘friends’ start to confess to having done the crimes.  For instance we could ask Maria to start smoking then have massachusetts male niggers start pestering Carl’s Jr to smoke just for starters.  None of us however will be draft dodgers but staunch military supporters.’

ted – ‘This is so important I would do anything to remove the financial arrangements that Carl’s Jr and Michelle have.  I wouldn’t spend any of my money to do it but I would spend $10 billion of massachusetts money.  It is so important that I would spend all the money in the united states of massachusetts federal treasury.  Don’t ask.  My family trust fund is offline.’

5.58 a.m.

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘I am wondering who would be listening to me that did not know I have been speaking with Michelle and Anand?  Who on Earth is making all that noise?

I know that it is often hard for Michelle and her friends to hear here and Anand often doesn’t get his email but who would be listening to massachusetts who wants to know something about me?

Upon my release from incarceration in August 8, 2008 in 2 1/2 months I made all of the points very nearly that I have made on my website in front of the microphones in my living room after doing so for 2 years in Orono and Presque Isle.  And then I said the same to Anand by email starting in May, 2009.

It is obvious that ted wanted the advantage of knowing what I thought before making one last attempt before his death at getting me murdered while being able to usurp my positions with no one still hearing from me.’

5.15 a.m.

David Texas and David Letterwoman – ‘We are never going to be able to ameliorate the draft dodging issue if ted doesn’t have enough money to have a female supporter of his in every legal venue around the world [burrough, city, county, parish, province, prefect, state and country] launch a criminal assault case against Carl’s Jr.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘David Letterwoman and David Texas seem to be not only most unappreciative of my father’s efforts during World War 2 but the French Resistance and Catholic Church in comparison to the other combatants.’

2.45 a.m.

pure hate – ‘Cardinal Ouellette, I have just been putting on a national public radio play in [I still cannot bring myself to address him] living room.  I have been making my best pitch yet – for instance admitting that in fact Bill Clinton is a draft dodger.  He says he remembers that when he was driving a taxi in Mountain View, California in 1975 that the San Francisco Chron and all the various government employees in the entire world that worked for massachusetts and their supporters deliberately made statements about someone being a draft dodger in an attempt to get him murdered.  However, ePublican ladies in California issuing facts about more or less that massachusetts was actually the draft dodger.  Therefore the concerned males issued the statement that in fact it would be alright to be a draft dodger if one had sincere objections to any particular military campaign.  They claimed that all the men in the united states of massachusetts have a harvard moral compass while [I still cannot bring myself to address him] is only looking out for his own ass.’

Cardinal Ouellette – ‘You and Bill Clinton and all the other notables of the massachusetts political party have been here for several years telling me that you have been making true statement of your short comings to Mr Killingsworth since President Obama announced his candidacy in order not to have a lady president but that he insists you be put to death for your war crimes also in order that you not be burdened with a lady president.  Did he tell you once again to present yourself on world-wide TV and make those same statements?

I have told you repeated that since I have become Cardinal of Quebec that you should do so.  I have asked you repeatedly not to make statements that for instance Cardinal Dolan is being prevented from seeing Mr. Killingsworth.  I have asked you in front of the press more than a few times that I wished to make presentations to Mr Killingsworth myself face to face.’

pure hate – ‘The Canadian military will never be that big.  The Bush family has never admitted culpability for anything in order to ameliorate our position.  Without being able to ask for equal justice with the Republicans there can be nothing but more suffering for your English speaking Church poet.’

Tuesday March 12, 2013

6 p.m.

Blue Seahorses Reef – ‘After a little research I note that my domains are reported to be on the Internic.ca servers in Ottawa, Amazon hosting services in Ashburn, Virginia [Washington, D.C.] or Oversee in Los Angeles, Calif.

The problem with the united states servers is that not only does the united states of massachusetts commit the war crimes on me reported on this website but they try to redirect people from the websites to “Night Life” which appears to be playboy and other sites which pass quickly but appear to be porno.  Of course the pure hate yelling and nerve gassing me has been putting up false websites while using my poetry and at least a couple of times someone else’s picture.

And then there is the problem with statistics.  Michelle’s friends while claiming to look at the statistics in Canada claim Google Adsense should have been sending me $50 to $60 per month when I actually received nothing.

11.30 a.m.

pure hate from massachusetts – ‘I have that.  You’re not patriotic.  I get that.  You’re with me. I get to assign a female to you.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘You are a homosexual to put it nicely and a queer to put it accurately.  You spend all your time following the ladies around trying to put men in sexual bondage to you.

I did not need your approval to apply to MIT.  If  a few ladies actually show up while you are threatening why don’t you spray chemical weapons then yell into Canada after not presenting even one female that someone – Carl’s Jr here – is a homosexual and does not like ladies.

massachusetts is a queer team.  barack obama, joseph biden, secretary john-john, john mccain, mitt romney are all queers who have spent the entire Vietnam Conflict sponsoring homosexual rights legislation to make life better for themselves at the expense of the ladies, minorities, Church, military and ePublicans.’

massachusetts has lost its right to claim to be a police power of any type in any venue.

At this point might massachusetts enjoy making my building insecure than sneaking in with a gas connister hoping to send me to a hospital with one of their “doctors” rather than Michelle’s father Dr Robert Roberge – and then what farce claims?

Monday March 11, 2013

10.18 p.m.

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘I see in the headlines today that the boston glob was paid money by someone with money through the massachusetts state government laundering office to read the emails of the deans at harvard university – then make a big stink because the feminine variety oppose the boston glob et al not only just getting harvard involved in Carl’s Jr but are adamant that the glob et al have been committing war crimes.

pure hate made a known false charge against me in the 10th grade to justify having me murdered.

pure hate is now in more trouble than ever before and he is declaring that finally the murder has to happen or the massachusetts house of ill repute will not be able to recover.  He has been demanding a local control police beating to start things off for three years.  When I lived in Hampden he was only able apparently to hire 2 new police and time has been moving slowly.

The ladies notice that Michelle’s police line is more and more hearable.  I note that I can now several times per day hear pure and et al females yelling loudly to drown them out.  As I have stated a number of times I did that to him in Gatineau, QC and Orono, Maine.  He continually tries to threaten me with ‘you remember what happened in Gatineau.  Then he states that it is not true that all the males that I have seen in Maine are members of veterans for peace facilitating for massachusetts but that it is still business as usual for him just as in 1969 to 1974.

I note that when I was in Houston it was not published in the chron or post that for some reason Maria had stated to a Montreal newspaper that she had asked to set up but later took money for massachusetts interests and then provided the Montreal news media information to trace two types of nerve gas with which I was sprayed.

Oh, look.  In the media the Bush family no longer seems to be worse than a war criminal like Hitler – that is, pure hate.

Now watch, the Church and the ladies who maintain the Church are loose from your known false charges.

Is this correct?  Eric C. – The ladies drafted him and he has not complained even once.’

10.15 p.m.

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘Look, ladies!  Don’t ever mention me to the united states of massachusetts and I will demonstrate something to you about the united stated of massachusetts that only a man would know, one who as Top Gun showed up for his disqualification on the grounds that his supporters were hicks who did not know the secrets that the alpha males all know.

When you think you will not be harmed and are safe you can tell your friends the confessions that are made here – that you hear – to entice me into a subservient position with pure hate.

So, massachusetts, isn’t this the charge you are making against all womankind?

10 p.m.

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘After clicking several links on my Google news page I was able to find the article being advertised in the headline.

There were references on my Internet including one after I started my website in May, 2009 noting that Cardinal Law was still Cardinal in boston and no mention till just today of Cardinal Sean O’malley.

You, representing ted and secretary john-john and john mccain for instance, have been beyond violent that the ladies with Michelle not discuss the Church with me.

You belong in The Hague at the end of a rope for your crimes.

It seems to me that concerning me – to the chagrin of the ladies – Cardinal Law was in league with ted and the war criminals in massachusetts.  Whatever reason the united states of massachusetts used to knowingly use as a false charge against him.

One of his problems of course is that just like a lady who has a successful business you forced male niggers into his business and then forced him into bankruptcy nearly to pay their salaries.

9.39 p.m.

General Petraeus – ‘I really like my job at national public radio.  I know the women all understand.  I only wanted half a dozen.  I knew by then I would be a general in the veterans for peace.  We’re international.  tony is a general also while his attorney is a colonel in security.  tony’s latest sidedish is an introduction from an outdoor Mass at St Peter’s in Rome.  She is a colonel whose front is a day job with the automobile unions in Milan.’

9.36 p.m.

veterans for peace – ‘We’re new jersey tugs.  We’re young pugs on the microphones.  How do you like my nasal new jersey?  We will never admit we are navy officers.  Never.

We’re navy officers.  We’re navy officers.  You cannot do that.  We will never admit that we are veterans for peace. Never.

We got hurt doing this when you were in Orono in 2006.  We’re going to pretend nothing happened before that and start completely over.  God bless mitt romney you Jewish atheist.  If it wasn’t for mitt romney you would have murdered all of us.’

9.35 p.m

Maria – ‘Steve is really subtle.  He acts like he isn’t paying attention.’

QNA [Quebec Nursing Association] – ‘mitt romney and joe mccain can go do themselves.  They aren’t welcome in our hospital.’

TNA [Texas Nursing Association] – ‘We heard Steve say they had tattoos and wore harley david paraphenalia and minnesota sweatshirts.  We know Steve knows what he’s talking about when he speaks of carpetbaggers.’

6 p.m.

Live from Saturday Night Live! – ‘With a chest like mine you would never think that I am joe mccain would you?  6 months after the election thw AARP [Association for the Advancement of Retired People] no longer thinks I’m senile.  I am having a tuneup at the harvard medical school every 3 months and they aren’t even charging Cindy.’

Michelle’s friend – ‘God, Michelle he doesn’t even have a tv andhe knows what to say!’

5.15 p.m.

[Live from boston, massachusetts] Joe – ‘What happened? What happened?  Michelle’s father Dr Roberge won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and the nurses are starting French lessons.  I order Carl’s Jr brought to more securely in massachusetts control.’

4.06 p.m.

Live, from Quebec, QC – ‘What happened?  What happened?  I’m a medical school student .  I don’t put up with any bull.  Verite.  Verite.  There are so many qualified medical school prospects in massachusetts that I am attending Toronto.  The new england school of medicine and jerry lester requested a Canadian doctor witness our advanced techniques.  I know that Michelle the poet’s father Dr Robert Roberge is showing up at the hospital everyday but he is not a qualified physician.

3.13 p.m.

Texas – ”We know!  We heard it!  In April, 2009 someone in Texas yelled, ‘Michelle, Steve can have a website now.’  His friend in Mumbai heard it as well.  Any of us here who could have arranged it would have.”

Oklahoma [Around 2008] – ‘All this time when HE was running for office HE said something entirely different.  Now look!!!’

Oklahoma – ‘Hey Steve!  Do you know why Oklahoma doesn’t float into the Gulf?’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘It would appear that massachusetts is standing in the way.  I also know that since the 10th grade I cannot even work in Oklahoma unless a powerful enough ePublican in Texas makes the request.  Even the ePublican ladies in California are not allowed to make the request.’

8 a.m.

Texas Nurses Association – ‘Oh, so you have a tattoo?  Oh, so you have harley-davidson paraphernalia?   Oh, you have both?  You aren’t coming into my hospital.  And you aren’t driving my school buses.  If you show up I will fight you to the death.  I pride myself with being a lady and carrying a Bible.  I don’t care how many carnival freak shows from minnesota there are in Maine!!!’

Governor LePage – ‘Killingsworth has been dead since bill clinton in 2001.  Big Bird massachusetts killed him at AMHI.  Karen massachusetts held the knife.’

7 a.m.

jerry lester – ‘Steve, you remember me?  jerry lester.  I’m calling you from my office in St Mary’s hospital Duluth in Galveston, Texas.  You remember sharon from Williams College – the medical student at Herman Hospital who walked through the day room twice.  I have arranged for her to sign your drug ingestions in Wisconsin with unannounced drugs just to see what happens when you get to Wisconsin.  When you get there don’t wait too long to get injected.’

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘You aren’t my doctor jerry and certainly neither is a woman who walked through a day room I was in.  I might add that on that basis there are no doctors in the united states of massachusetts.  Yell all you like about Quebec but you have yet to announce who in Quebec registered a diagnosis when you barged into the hospital in Quebec [City] with a few friends from the New England School of Medicine.’

The report on sharon is that she will not speak to a woman who has not been vetted by someone similar to you.  With what did you threaten her? She is know to be calling Maine since 2005 asking that this drug then this drug then this drug be tried.  Anyone known to be registered as a physician in Maine and New Hampshire all deny forcefully they have taken any recommendations or given any unannounced drugs.’

5 a.m.

Blue Seahorse’s Reef – ‘Oh, look.  A website site with domain address of mine [Quiet Rainbows, LLC] is parked in Los Angeles at

I wonder how this report I have heard sounds.  Six months after my brother John died in a boating accident in Matagorda Bay in 1988 his friends in Ponca City hear that the purported deceased drive of the quite bent fishing boat is still alive and well and occasionally fishing on Matagorda Bay.  Without saying anything to his wife at the time, or his first wife or mother they call the fbi in Oklahoma City.  Don’t say anything to Carl’s Jr is not a surprise.  Then bill clinton is elected president.  “OKC fbi field office – I order you to drop the probe into events concerning Carl’s Jr’s brother John. “  And then about two weeks after the bombing of the federal building the fbi get another call from bill clinton supposed unrecordable.  “OKC fbi field office.  Remeber I told you to drop the probe into the events of John Killingsworth.  Let’s not have any more bombings.  Drop the probe and make sure that John’s brother Carl’s Jr never learns anything.”

So I don’t know when or exactly where but you know how the French absurdest press is even in Quebec.

And comes another report from Oklahoma government officials purportedly.  “We’ve been reading Steve’s website even though we have been told not to read it.  Now we have this document from Lt. Commander at the Univ of Arkansas rotc unit.  “Young mr clinton, a Rhodes scholar graduate, has decided not to honor his contract with the navy.”"

Since 1992 till joseph biden from where have nearly all the dark currents from comments about draft dodger Carl’s Jr come on behalf of massachusetts?’

Sunday March 10, 2013


bill clinton – ‘How did you like your meal of the ills of the Church?  OK, so how did you like your meal of the ills of republicans?  So, then – how do you like your meal of the ills of Lynn Steven Killingsworth?’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Among others you are reading my email and privy to everything.  You would know that quite some time before the election of George W Bush I wrote my brother to tell him that I am finished with the united states and that it is permanent.’

bill clinton – ‘Give us give us another chance.  There is not and never has been any nerve gas and electronic mental perversion.  We’re sure you will learn to love pure hate.

Just because I can!  It’s pretty funny actually.  There I was sitting naked in the white whorehouse and I had a brainfart.  Let’s blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building along with a lot of minority welfare patients and their children.  Then let’s give Killingsworth an 8 1/2 month partial birth abortion.  Then if we yell hick enough it will be Blackwell’s fault.’

female – ‘I’m bill’s Canadian liberal hump.  We’re international because we’re just as good as harvard and massachusetts.  Sexy bill even went to school in England.  I know I’m going to be sorry but you’re not even Oklahoma.  I don’t care about bill being a draft dodger we just have atheist issues with you.  You remember how Anand told you that the harvards were planning to break the law until the public could not stand it then see a doctor and claim to be rehabilitated while preparing to move up the ladder when the media spotlight went away?  I’m medical.  That’s the way I’m sorry.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘You seem to have forgotten that I am not taking phone calls from draft dodgers!!!  It must be obvious to everyone by now that you spend all your time preventing my family from having quality with their father while you try to injure Megan Marie’s brain, Steven Matthew’s brain and Lynn Robert’s brain by yelling goo joo at them.  And then what are you yelling at Michelle in front of the children [while the school bus drivers in the united states of massachusetts are now large beefy seedy looking males in harley-davidson clothing.]

massachusetts – ‘Why don’t we have our welfare department steal Steve’s Blue Seahorse children’s site from his children, wife and their friends and Catholic Sisters?  We already have thousands of welfare recipients writing adjacent websites on Rick Santorum and several hundred other prominent human beings that we hate.’

8 a.m.

Blue Seahorse – ‘So after the movie last night we thought we might not post again for at least a week or two, but then there has been another assassination attempt on a real physician.’

uncle bud – ‘When Steve is in the navy….’

Carl – [I'd better be quiet.] – ‘Why don’t you take all three of them?  How could anyone have better fortune than three officers?’

Rosie – ‘Carl Ted is calling yet again.’

Carl – ‘Tell ted to do himself yet again. No one from the military has ever spoken with Steve AND he never has as well.  I’m going to play golf.’

Marilyn – ‘Chris, being a military officer is a big deal.  If you accept the your rotc offer no one will be able to rag the family and they will only be able to yell at your brother.’

Chris – ‘The navy doesn’t like Steve.’

Katie – ‘Mother, I hear Chris skipped the officers’ corp.’

Marilyn – ‘See what happens if I do!’

David – ‘In my youth I was a doctor in Texas.  Now I am a computer theoretician in Texas.  I have three of the fastest INTEL workstations money can buy.  My Windows 8 Pro has all the special downloads and it gets 8.3 on the Windows 8 rating.  My other two Dell workstations are running Open Solaris and Red Hat Linux just like they do at MIT.  They don’t cost $8500 either – mine only cost me $5700 a piece.

Steve thinks I am being funny when I rag the military.  Don’t tell the Wichita Eagle Beacon but Steve is cannon fodder.’

Blackwell high school English class – ‘We don’t think we will need to tell the Wichita Eagle Beacon.  Your father and Eddie can be heard all the way to Moscow!’

Supreme Court Justice Roberts – ‘That’s nothing!  john mccain and I have been just as good as MIT since we were born.’

COED – ‘If you say anything about MIT we will savage you.  MIT is just like the Church – there are always a few draft dodgers hanging around!’

republicans – ‘We are sorry we were unable to say anything.  But just the same what are your opinions?’

Anand – ‘You cannot say that.  That’s my position although Steve says he thinks Philip and Ed can say that as well.’

Shari – ‘Paul, Steve and Anand are too, too skinny!  Steve’s brother Chris is skinny but he’s cute.  I’d have him.’

Chris – ‘Don’t tell anyone at Berkeley, but Steve has always been correct.  I have always wanted to attend the number one republican school on Earth.’

KPFA – ‘Look, ted!  Look!!  Carl’s Jr doesn’t get to be a republican.  He has to settle for second best!!!’

Berkeley – ‘We’re looking.  Carl’s Jr didn’t try to feed us any of the meal of the ills of Berkeley like bill clinton, jerry brown and KPFA.’

QNS [Quebec Naval Service] Commander Roberge, QPA [Quebec Physician Association] – ‘Our Canadian military seems to be having a time with gang related activity based in massachusetts.’

7.30 p.m. March 9, 2013

Blue Seahorse – Tonight we are watching “Paul McCartney, Live in Red Square”  It has always been known that The Beatles are beyond the most popular rock group previously, now and perhaps for the ages.  [The first take I meant Russia but obviously my fingers were watching for me.]

Sir Paul – “The British government told me [and the four of us] that they were required with no comment to make sure The Beatles never visited Russia by the united states of massachusetts goverment.

Michelle does Steve know he is a revolution?  We cannot see Steve’s revolution.  If he were not so worked upon I am sure he would have written us a few songs as well.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Well, you would know if you cannot see my revolution then I cannot either.  However, if you cannot after what has been done here and you can see this it is at the highest level possible and the united states of massachusetts is hiding the blood on the carpet rather than making mutually beneficial business arrangements.  God forbid and me with Lord Jesus what is yelling in my living room gets to tell any of the story.

What I noticed most and first shortly after I was in Texas in 1976 is that The Beatles seem to be removed from playlists on the FM rock stations and replaced with ‘Smoke on the Water’ beyond mind numbingness  [Actually in the beginning they were still playing Fleetwood Mac and the Stones.  But look at the new promoted in the rich yellow boston press.]  I am still wondering which letters Anand received.  God forbid anyone ever forget that Lord Jesus wrote the Bible of love and not the roman army after roman army.’

[you know who] – ‘There are some things that are common to all societies.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Michelle and the ladies and I are watching part of it now.’

Michelle – ‘The stage was set up in Red Square for 4 months and over three dozen concerts.  The Beatles had standing all expenses paid offers from a lot of countries from 1966 onward even now.  Cuba, South America, Russia and China for instance.  If your watcher were not paying attention and you said any more than ‘Live and Let Die’ after the Beatles to a direct question Sir Paul would not have been playing Quebec every other  year.  Sir Paul and several others including U2 hope to make it to Quebec again when you are with me.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘I might add that since 2009 around a dozen top popular acts have concerts in the can from unappointed venues.  Perhaps we will get our due a little sooner now!’

[[So as you might know 'yelling into my living room' has irate spewing even from his ears at the moment.  He wishes to chew very badly but he is not so he must think he can set up to hit Michelle and the ladies at a propitious moment shortly.  Actually he does not realize apparently that there are a lot of really clever electrical engineers and computer scientists in Quebec with an international net who are perfectly capable of broadcasting back down Michelle's police line through his open mike in my living right through his left ear into the big empty space - whether he is being hit with chemical weapons or not.  The way he is acting brings this to mind and that those maintaining Michelle's police line have solved a technical problem.]]

1.32 a.m.

Texas Medical Association division of nursing – ‘If you would like to know what a man who has had 500 to 600 times more nerve gas than anyone else in the united states thinks about what has and is being done to him you should read the Blue Seahorse.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Let’s see whether I have heard the actual facts.  When john mccain arrived in california from his stay at the Hanoi Hilton the california state police told him that not only were there no republicans in the Chips but that there never had been.  Then they told him that even though they knew beyond a shadow he was not a republican that he certainly was not one of them.  “You look like an arizona ranger.”  So big john asked the Chips, “Can’t we make a deal.  The arizona rangers are just like the massachusetts state police.  There are no members who are related to Killingsworth on either side of the family no matter how distantly.”‘

ted – ‘ten or twelve years ago a cousin of Killingsworth’s was in a car wreck determined tp be deliberately caused.  I don’t think we should party in Florida any longer.  We can always get away to the new compound in New York or New Mexico or even south hollywood.  They went back up the line to so and so in Connecticut.’

Michelle’s friend – ‘Steve the Surete du Quebec say there has been great change since 2000.  Now we have streets blocked so that vehicles with effluents must drive around our neighborhoods rather than through them.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘I noticed that in Berkeley in 1970 and 1975.  ted bought a fleet of 600 dump trucks from which he removed the mufflers and put effluent dispensers on them that sounded just like noisy air breaks.  After they had been driving around in Berkeley for a few weeks the students at Berkeley [whom I hear are 70% republican] complained to the California Highway Patrol.  The captain said that ted had called jerry brown and insisted that he personally guarantee that legitimate union activity wound not be hindered by the government or anyone else.’

It comes to my attention that the White Houae press office which is open 24 x 7 closed today around 10a.  That means that they have placed a call to ted to remind him that the united states government cannot conduct business while Blue Seahorse is minding his own business.’

1 a.m.

Michelle’s friends – ‘We will be there as soon as we can.  Take it easy if you can. All you have to do now is watch ‘them’ get theirs.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘Fortunately about 70% of navy seals are diehard republicans.

When the fbi draws up the plans thing are done correctly about 20% of the time.  When the seals just take an assignment and draw up there own plans they are about 80% successful.

I also note that the Otters always get their man no matter how long it takes his wife to set up!!!’

March 9, 2013

11 a.m. Texas time Austin & Dallas

George W Bush – ‘I have a few words to say that I doubt the enemy will allow anyone they can from telling Blue Seahorse Lynn Steven Killingsworth.  To start there are most places in the united states that the enemy working on Steve can no longer reside.  Maine and New Hampshire just to name the first 2 states.  Further …..’

9.31 p.m.

Blueseahorse – ‘No hard feelings? Joe? Larry?  You can move in with a woman if you wish as far as I am concerned.  They all know what to expect from you and I didn’t have to say anything.

Although they did not say I am sure Maria and Elvira both know that if they had been able to set up at Boston Univ or the Univ of Houston I would have been happy to do this for them.  It would have been interesting to play on MIT’s team but it would not be nearly so much fun!

9.30 p.m.

Joe – ‘Hey Larry!  I have the early addition of Sunday’s glob.  Oh, listen to this.  Listen to this.  And listen to this.  We’re good!  boston’s good.  harvard’s good.  somerville is good!!  Let’s go see how the service at Tip Oneill’s bar is tonight!!’

6.30 p.m.

Joe – ‘Larry, let’s have chicken chow mein for dinner.  Then we can call Steve.  Whats the night desk editor’s number at the boston glob?

Larry – ‘I don’t know.  I only have robert siegal’s number at national.’

Joe – ‘Tell Killingsworth Larry and I just had a fantastic meal of chicken chow mein.  I want him to know he left too soon.  The next day Sonia stopped painting like a wooden mannequin.’

Larry – ‘Tell Killingsworth he really did leave too soon.  The next day Betsy left Joe a good home at Linda’s and stopped smoking.’

Killingsworth – ‘I would have thought Peking Duck with Ben would be more appropriate.  Isn’t chow mein Japanese or Korean?’

5.15 p.m. [All Saints Day]

Joe – ‘All I had to do to be saved is party for a weekend in Montreal.’

Larry – ‘How are the services in Montreal Joe?’

Joe – ‘Larry, I think you are a really, really nice guy.  The services in Montreal are really pretty but they are awfully expensive.’

Larry – ‘I was asking because I know a lot of Jewish Cubans who need to be saved on their way to Long Island.’

3.13 p.m.

I’m from massachusetts.  The Bush family is trying to kill me.  I really, really need Canada.  I’m sure massachusetts can put me at the top of the list.  Oh, look what a nice apartment I have in Montreal and plenty of money from home.  Oh, well.  It will be getting cold soon and I am saved now.  Next week our next desperate from massachusetts will be here for two weeks to crowd out another political undesirable from massachusetts.


Does any of this sound familiar?  Several times in high school I found myself looking at the united states road atlas of highways.  Was I looking at California?  No actually I was looking at Texas.  Look, Corpus Christi, Texas.  I wonder what is there?  I notice the Univ of Texas gets a lot of linemen from there.  Of course when I lived in Houston I was thinking I wish Houston would more quickly annex the three counties to the northeast, northwest ans southwest.  Northwest of Houston looks like a forest that needs homesteading.  Then I was looking at the road atlas and I noticed that on the way from Houston to Corpus Christi are two more bays as large as Galveston more inviting and virtually no one living there.

11 a.m.

Most Americans would appreciate that life is good in China.  Most of them when they rise are wondering what is happening in the Big Apple, so they look at the New York times mirror site in Beijing.  Then of course later in the park, ‘Oh, Father Bishop Lo Pi, I was just reading the good news from the Big Apple.  Our Chinese computer theoreticians are so good that we have taken over the Internet in the united states.’

10 a.m.

So this morning I have logged into my account by logging into Internic.ca and then going to my account because war criminals in the united States have set up phony websites with my addresses trying to force me to let them write my websites for their propaganda.  For one week they blocked return signals from my webiste when I was attempting to login in this manner.

I have had trouble with my PayPal account recently.  My security number generator card became hard to read and the PayPal website with no consultation stopped asking for the security key number.  It also was setup to provide immediate access to anyone with answers to challenge questions that any boston glob or fib would know in a few moments.  So this morning pure hate has decided that he can convince the world I am incompetent and he should be allowed to determine what email addresses I use to conduct business.  I informed the lady that it is my account and that at the very least the media had been following me for decades and I wanted challenge questions taken off my accounts.  I already know he tells these companies to tell everyone that he is national security and he is not restricting my ability to do business – we shall say.  So the lady finally told me that she could not remove account security – which is not what I asked.  I asked security from war criminals at the very least claiming to be national security.  Finally she coughed.  PayPal will not send me an email with ‘text’ on it each time I wish to login and so business.  At this point pure hate whining like he is 5 years old tells me that he will break into my email accounts and catch the emails sent to me before I get them.

THEN – he starts threatening me and Michelle with death if I try to go to Canada.  He says he will never let me go to Canada.  He has never charged me with anything other than have a nazi violent Bremen style unionist guerilla theater tell me in a secret room somewhere that I am mental.  It is not his business what I do or Michelle does or the Canadian government does.  He is a bestial animal making known false charges here first and foremost to blackmail ladies that he hates – which is apparently everyone that exists [including the ones that make half as much as he does to assist him.]

There just cannot be anyone alive who is not trying to arrange their life so that bestial perversion is not in their life.  I’m 64 – although I know God is being good to me it is in fact my and Michelle’s turn and not his crap.

6 a.m.

It was one week ago today that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.  They have been going in and out of style, but now we’re really going to start the show….

annapolis – ‘This is the navy speaking to you on behalf of ted and draft dodger world-wide massachusetts octopus.  If you don’t get this straight either you will be killed or there will be a nuclear war.  DAVID won.  Or else.  He is not to be referred to as david texas.  He is to be referred to as david leroy blackwell, oklahoma [in honor of Oklahoma veterans of peace member, heroes of the nation just as General Pulaski Highway is which all the draft dodgers in massachusetts drive on everyday.  This is the navy.  little mac says that david is the smartest little tiny man he has ever seen and he is afraid of absolutely nothing despite being so tiny.  O wish to tell everyone before the war that I and david received the same from the Bush family that massachusetts did.  Horrifying chemical burns.  It is not their fault however because they did not and do not know.  Top Gun and his father can barely hold a beer much less gallons and gallons of nerve gas as david and I can. And they are cowards.  david and I are real actual h ross perot republicans and have nothing to do with massachusetts war crimes.  Look, God did not show me I have humiliated myself and everyone with me completely beyond death and david feels the same way.  God humiliated [now get this] STEVE to death by writing all of his poetry for him.’

annapolis – ‘We’re doing really, really well.  Look at Carl’s Jr’s prepuberty test scores from the  8th grade.  He’s down a good 15 points.  I think we’ve succeeded.  Now we need a couple of poor boys who have had it really, really bad and know what’s what.  Let’s ask david and eddie to feed Carl’s Jr a meal of the ills of the Catholic Church until he dies from it.’ 

March 2, 2013

7 p.m.

pure hate – ‘You never talk about Paul.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘If I cannot hear someone who is not considered a friend [and how many of those do you see here] and you do not speak of them then they never come to mind usually even when your bits below the threshold of hearing are yelling.

Do you remember what you said about senator paul?  The one of whom the boston glob was speaking when they starting writing paul always wins on everything.  You said he hated my guts and arranged for all these war crimes to begin then passed it on when he died.  You did however not say what he said or what he said that sounds like massachusetts.’

6 p.m.

michael duke – ‘If you ever have trouble with your wife you should force her into a hospital under alcoholics anonymous.  I didn’t ask what would happen they just said she would behave and be obedient.  I served 3 years on the front lined in Korea.  I’m brother in arms with Roger.  I am absolutely certain he would join me and insist that Carl’s Jr do something he would find humiliating for three years in massachusetts on behalf of massachusetts.’

tuesday weld [with deserved apologies] – ‘It’s on HIM.  It’s on HIM!  It’s on HIM!!  It’s on HIM!!!  It’s on HIM!!!!  It’s on HIM!!!!!  It’s on ted’s friend Carl’s Jr.  Or I most likely will not get elected or re-elected.’

5 p.m.

Texas hick – ‘In order to beat a ruthless union you must be an even more ruthless union.  You know that sweet heart.  When we’re watching the Texans I have explained a number of times why the best defense is a good offense.’

4 p.m.

tri-partite commission [secretary john-john, little mac and david Texas] – ‘We have a lot of respect for the acumen and expertise of the massachusetts businessman.  Oklahoma and Texas never learn their lessons.  Everything mitt touches turns to gold.

Even though the latest tracking polls on March 1 indicate that Jeb Bush would win just over 50% of the vote against any demo we are sure that we have defeated the Bush family for all time on behalf of massachusetts.’

2 p.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘I notice you have ripped me with chemical weapons and attempts at mental subversion for 50 years because I would not be a draft dodger or homosexual for you – while writing all sorts of legislation concerning religious and military qualifications for homosexuals when the military and religious code of conduct did not say anything about being homosexual – just that certain acts are at the least undesirable.  And you refuse to allow them to ‘educate’ [your term] others about their position that for instance as I have the problem you lie every time you speak looking for a free ride.

I know real religion, real military and real medicine despite your war crimes without having been examined by Grandfather yet.’

1 p.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘So, you think you are going to broadcast a radio play into my living room/office of you telling someone about me?

You, though pretend you might, are not an authority on anything especially me.  No one needs you to read my website to them.  You arrogant union idea that you get to make statements about someone’s character and to pronounce them to be suffering character defects should get you banned forever.’

pure hate – ‘Oh, so the united states doesn’t know about you?’

Blue Seahorse – ‘You are not the united states – you are just plain do-do all the time you aren’t spending dreaming up union he said/she said.  The compromise is that you must remind everyone every 15 minutes that you have confessed here several times of being a nazi.

You yourself suffer from the worst union charge of character defect – you are stingy.  You never give me your money!’

pure hate – ‘You are the one who is stingy.  I need sex on demand and even though you can you won’t arrange for me to live in Hollywood.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘You should know better if you don’t already that ted is just braggadocio concerning Hollywood.’


pure hate – ‘You are making known false charges.  We have rescinded all the laws in the federal and state  statutes that you say we have violated.’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘You are a really crafty 5 year old union always with a solution.  In the beginning ted ordered legislation making everything I was doing illegal.  What happened then?’

pure hate – ‘You are right.  After giving it some consideration I see that I am a nazi.’

11 a.m.

pure hate – ‘I’m a whiny 5 year old queer.  I’m crying.  You have to let me off.  You don’t understand.  I hate to do this to you so I am crying.  Let’s see whether I heard you correctly or not.  After Carl’s Jr went to see Dr Jonathon Malev in Houston a lot of us did as well.  We pretend to be patients at all Carl’s Jr’s former doctors just like his friends who are suing them.  Today once again I am pretending to be Jonathon Malev.’

pure hate’s bit – ‘God he hurt me.  God he hurt.  I must need to sound bereft as though I had just lost a child.  God he hurt me.  God he hurt me. Help!  My husband hurt me.  He killed ted.’

woman hater – ‘I deserve sex on demand – and ted’s going to get it for me!  Ted never looked so good before!!!

10 a.m.

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘It should be obvious now that united states’ draft dodgers are actually the worst filth that have walked the Earth and are ALL members of massachusetts’ violent Bremen style atheist union.  I don’t see how the world will survive without hanging them in The Hague or face the same prospects.’

9 a.m.

ted – ‘All the girls in Quebec are married or else!’

ted – ‘All the girls in Canada, France, Poland and Ukraine are married or else.’

ted – ‘All the girls in massachusetts are married or else.  When Carl’s Jr is to old too have children WE are going to proffer the girls from his high school when he was there.’

8 a.m.

ted – ‘I don’t want to see any more Chinese girls at Carl’s Jr’s door.  That’s all I have to say about it.’

Blue Seahorse – ‘What man would turn down an incredibly beautiful Chinese lady?  Especially then faced with the prospects of no lady?’

massachusetts off camera – ‘We know there was no justification on any level whatsoever for what we did to OUR Indian friend Anand.  We do, however, have a politically justifiable case for what we did and are doing to Carl’s Jr.’

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘There is no one except for Anand and Ed who received as much at least threat for being here as the black ladies in Houston.’

7 a.m.

Blue Seahorse war correspondent – ‘Dear “They call me Mr Tibbs” have the brothers spoken to you about Robert Mugabe yet?  I hear he says he has nothing to worry about because the united states bought his contract from Britain.’

6 a.m.

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘YOU keep saying THAT, however – the ladies and I cannot accept it.  We are totally awesome while you are not.  You have nothing to hang on with here!’

5 a.m.

Lady – ‘I remember you once wrote that bald men for instance who have lost their hair naturally are allowed by the war criminals to stand in public and complain bitterly about what the nazis have done to them, while guess what happens to the victims if they even think about telling what has happened to them.!’

4 a.m.

little mac – ‘I received more brain damage than anyone has ever endured at the hands of the Vietnamese.  Yet look at me, I’m still a Euro 165.  steve only does what the ladies tell him to do or he thinks they want him to do.  He’s going to blame his draft dodging on something the ladies did!’

secretary john-john – ‘Actually massachusetts and I suffered far more brain damage at the hands of the Bush family.  We’re all still Harvard 135 but we don’t have any money.  W and the rest of the Bush’s – especially their women – really hate ladies.’

Onward through the tired!
Poetry and commentary on the war;


“de corriger la verite”

October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘The time whose idea has come!!!’ - Michelle  [Pretty funny I know you think.  However, Michelle got the comment past the united states of massachusetts censors on our police line.]

My Michelle Roberge Killingsworth tells me that the International Court is supporting the Province of Quebec and she now has possession of our computer account.  My Michelle Roberge Killingsworth is now the physical possessor of our equal partnership the Blue Seahorse Syndicate LLC which will be known here in Maine as Black Seahorse Syndicate when my name change request is processed.  When she begins editing my two websites Blue Leaf Syndicate and Blue Seahorse Syndicate then we will also have Writer’s Block Co-op website as well.

I see a couple of instances of editing on this page at this point.  pure hate says he must disrupt my Internet and do so because I have said that Michelle is going to be editor of the website.  I had a statement which someone else yelling into my living at the moment remembers seeing.  It is Michelle’s position that soon she will be able to archive my website and that it will be annotated by Michelle and her mother.

Early Sunday morning Feb 24

pure hate – ‘Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney – you gave Mitt Romney a clean slate so you have to give secretary john-john a clean slate as well.  My muscles are so big a media paper tiger gets to be called a great statesman.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘You issued a death warrant on me and my father and since the 1950′s you have been requesting executions with no justice – just a free ride with media announcements about you having the biggest muscles the world could ever imagine.

My father and I aren’t the media paper tigers – you are yellow draft dodging coward.

Your john kearry pulled bill clinton draft dodging on the navy inside the navy then told the navy to eat it.  Your paper tiger in the united state neo nazi press claimed he was a war hero and George W Bush a shirker in the military.  Well, look at all these famous sons getting free rides in the military which were arranged by the paychecks of the neo-nazi press so George must be a shirker as well so the neo-nazi press is entitled to run a propaganda campaign that john kerry is a loyal Vietnam veteran AND that he opposed the war at the same time – all things to all neo-nazi press.

How did you like that sentence?

And then once again issue a death warrant on Carl and Carl’s Jr.

You are the one on death row.  Show everyone what a man you are and announce in the neo-nazi press incessantly that you thrive on danger and therefore must be a hero.

massachusetts college life – ‘what a revolting development this is.  Carl and Carl’s Jr learned their lessons and the peasants realize the fact.  We need an even bigger media campaign from the neo-nazi press.  I still don’t think it’s time yet, however, to be conciliatory in public for a few seconds with Carl’s Jr.

Maybe we won’t need to appear to be weak for even a few moments.  We can have the neo-nazi press announce that we have hired even more former high school athletes for our body armor and chemical weapons training.  Then our neo-nazi press can ragg on the peasants like this – “the neo-nazi press is coming to get you!  the neo-nazi press is coming to get you!  the neo-nazi press is coming to get you!  We’re really tuff.  We’re all war heroes.!!”

secretary of navy – ‘So john-john and the rest of the neo press are brave again…  The navy is now once again officially on strke!’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Here take an order psychologist from Boston University hired by national public radio to work on me.  Go to your Veterans Administration hospital and tell them what you did to Carl and Carl’s Jr for their benefit.  Then tell them if they need anything that since you straightened Carl and Carl’s Jr out they can see us to relieve you of taking care of someone who did something for you while you tell them you are doing something for them.  Or don’t you think they would like to rip us on your behalf?’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘I have just been looking at some remarks that have been made by massachusetts on ESPN website.’

massachusetts – ‘Kobe is the best player in the league not playing for the Celtics.  We’re not going to let him play.’

Joseph Biden – ‘Kobe sure has a smart mouth.  He’s not nearly as sophisticated as the prince of darkness.’

secretary john-john – ‘With 6 months basic training in 4 months on the court I proved myself to be permanently the best player ever.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘If I remember correctly in a post titled ‘Drums Along the Street’ a couple of years back I noted that in the 10th grade in high school I saw an article in the Wichita Eagle Beacon that I was not meant to see.  A sportswriter noted that unfortunately Wheat Shockers All-World forward Dave Stallworth is to tall to fight on the front lines in Vietnam in the elephant grass where he would be a natural.  Then I seem to recall while I was living in boston area that young Stallworth became the only player to ever suffer a heart attack while on the court.

Then I seem to recall making a comment similar to this one.  Why is secretary john-john held in such high esteem when it is obvious that he is not qualified to be a club officer or big enough as Dwight Howard is to command respect in demanding play.

I suppose now that massachusetts will blame banning Kobe on the NBA.’

Joseph Biden – ‘You CANNOT speak like that about massachusetts.  We’re all non-practicing Catholics.  We’re the same as Jewish Faith.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Not that I doubt the intentions of the veterans for peace, but I will ask Ed.’

M.I.T. – ‘This is the way we will tell it.  We saw what was going to happen so WE did it to THEM first.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Oh, so nothing but death threats from queer muscle again today.  Let me remind you that I have a permanent request for massachusetts et al to be arrested to The Hague where I am requesting the death penalty.

We aren’t looking for awards based on humanitarian need, we’ll take credit for what we were actually able to accomplish despite your best efforts.’

pure hate – ‘People are cheap including your friends.  You cannot see that I am actually treating them very well and that I have their best interests at heart.  Tell them that I am all powerful and for them to let me be your only – you know just like the relationship atheist white power has with Israel.  As long as we have complete control and Israel knuckles under we will never abandon them even in the face of nuclear incineration.  There is no God.  Even your friends are worse atheists than violent Bremen style union of massachusetts.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘O.K., you gave your position when you said people are cheap.’

pure hate – ‘You don’t understand.  You are making people suffer unfulfilled sexual desires.  That is all we have been trying to make permanent for you since your father et al in the fourth grade.  See, we’re no worse than you are!!!’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘So you are upset that I completed all my vows to Michelle here and you are not seen as getting a cut of anything?  When Quebec has equal rights this is what Michelle would like to say.’

Michelle – ‘I love my Steve.  My Steve gave me the best dowry a woman ever received!!!’

Blue Seahorse Top Gun – ‘In the day of Ed, Anand and Top Gun the evil people at M.I.T. were ‘only’ evil.  Now the evil at M.I.T. is not only beyond evil they are also beyond stupid!!’

pure hate M.I.T. – It is our position that you and the women knew the navy did not show up for you and we, the males doing the sham in front of the world,  did not know.  We did not know that if we used chemical weapons on our victims whether they did not like the food or not and were not aware that we were doing it that they were not guilty of anything but you and the women did know it.  It is our position that we did not know we were deliberately falsely stating our intentions when we announced we are medical and you and the ladies did.  It is our position that we did not know that we were deliberately lying about the effects of the chemical weapons but yu and the women did.  We did not know that we raped any of the women and then ordered the women to swear falsely against Al Gore and other luminaries but you and the women did.  It is our position that we did not know you were not telling us these confessions of guilt of draft dodging and you and the women did. We did not know that you and the women knew we were trying to set up in Vietnam to do this to the Vietnam cannon fodder but you and the women did.  It is our position that we did not know that you and the women would not have sex on demand but you and the women did.  It is our position that we did not know you and the women would not take a known false draft dodging charge for us to cover up our war crimes.  It is our position that you and the women are a national security issue for the united states of massachusetts to this day because you will not lie for us.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Make sure you don’t forget anything.  Remember I told you you had to be able to get atheist do-do to stick to fish wall.

I didn’t get to speak with any of the ladies or Anand till Michelle arrived.  How are they thought to know all that if I did not tell them?’

little mac – ‘You did the same as Jesus did.  You’re a real smart guy aren’t you?’

pure hate – ‘You need to be seen to be giving us money.  Well, that’s what the Church does.  You should pay twice to attend school.  Once at the Church and then again at UMass.

Look, you’re trying to take advantage of the women.  You want them to give you money.  You should give the women all your poetry with nothing in return.  You aren’t really Church if you don’t.  The women should be told you have all you need and then pay through the nose for what we think they need.  Like mental subversion for the cannon fodder in Vietnam.’

Elvira – ‘You mean we have to go through Mick Jagger to get to Steve?’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Anything you want Elvira.  I don’t know where you’re going to get the money for it, but otherwise you have nothing standing in your way.’

President Barack Obama: PLEASE THINK!!

I called Elizabeth Warren right here a year ago Christmas and I told her that with no Internet and before Michelle that her bigs were going to vote for MITT ROMNEY.  I’m under the impression she went right to work and then just before my birthday you were ready to go to work.

Look what happened Wednesday afternoon.  The ladies say you made 3 speeches as a detractor before around 7a Friday [Feb 22.]

JOE STOPPED TALKING by 3p Wednesday and said nothing even though I pointed to everyone over a year earlier that even beyond belief secretary john-john was not at Elizabeth Warren’s campaign because he had another debt to pay – but not to the ladies or you her friend. And then what did I say about the other Joe – you know – Moakley?

I am told massachusetts has done this to you 4 other times since election day in November including once here.  It is not true that when Michelle cannot get through that I cannot occasionally see something not intended for me out of the corner of my eye and hit not having a clue what massachusetts said 5 minutes earlier.  Elizabeth Warren for instance does not think the voters in massachusetts are stupid – “ill informed” I hear.

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘America, take note.  massachusetts is “g.c.” [green cop.]

massachusetts – ‘Let’s send vince the voyeur up to Radcliffe to stand in the street and look into Quebec’s bedroom window.’

vince – ‘Oh, look!  Up there.  That woman is going to take her bra off.  Darn, she pulled the curtains.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘I saw a French movie once where a French lady told all the boys that she was saving that for her man.  They’re all practicing Catholics, didn’t you know?

When I was at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota in the spring of 2000 I saw Katie’s aryan friend tell me the same on tv in my motel room.  She did, however, say precocious black children rather than boys.’

Joseph Biden – ‘What website?  I don’t know what you’re talking about for 50 years.  I can’t take your insouciance much longer.  I think we should have nuclear war with Russia.  We should pick off Russia’s allies one by one with nuclear weapons.  We should start with Iran.  After all they aren’t really Iranian.  Individually and collectively they are the devil.  I think it’s unfair that United Kingdom [Britain] lost it triple A rating from Moody’s.  That’s the same as if it has happened to massachusetts.  You playing with fire.  Who do you think you trying to terrorize?  ted promised “y.p.” [young perverts] something if they something the Carl’s Jr.  I going to ask him to have y.p. do it to you also.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Listen to pure hate pretending to be a homosexual leech and remember it is still Friday [Feb 22.]

pure hate – ‘I can do that.  I have that.  I can nerve gas you into perversion bondage.  Well, you said.  Smell that!  You can’t say you are going to kill me or that anything happens every time you announce in your living room that I have sprayed acrid cigarette smoke.  You cannot even say you want the death penalty as justice for my war crimes.  Humor me.  Humor me.  I demand that you humor.  Humor me.  Humor me.  I demand that you humor me.  I demand that you preach love to me while I commit war crimes on you.  Well, you have read the Bible.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘YOU have read the Bible.  YOU have been free to study the Bible all your life in a real environment rather than your concocted hate.  You are not a little child who has never heard Lord Jesus preach God’s word.  You are a premeditated war criminal defying even God!!!’

pure hate – ‘We have to have you look stupid.  We are going to do this again and again until when my female assistants speaking to you below the threshold of hearing into your subconscious tell you to forget your answers you actually do forget your answers.  Then we will do it again when you are stupid with you on the world stage where everyone can see you standing next to us while you are shaking from chemical weapons and we explain to the world that you are a frightened cowardly draft dodger.’

ted [1973] – ‘I seem to have lost my moral authority over Chappaquiddick Gate.  Why don’t I come out front and yell overtly at Carl and Carl’s Jr rather than dark suggestions?  I’m sure no one will say anything to at least to Carl’s Jr since it is so dangerous already there are only 2 or 3 people and his 2 Grandmothers there.  Let’s call our harvard ghost writers at the boston glob and get started.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse [Feb 22] – ‘The ladies wish to grant you your request to say “Gretchen” here.’

pure hate – ‘It is the male position that Gretchen said that you insulted her.  We have always known you don’t recognize your ‘betters’ so everything we have ever done there is justified.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘The ladies tell me this morning that Gretchen said I made a statement which she felt undermined her authority.’

pure hate – ‘Actually we told the women that it was time for them to ask him to explain why he dodged the draft.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘As I have stated repeatedly nearly the only thing said to me by massachusetts family insurance and wisconsin public radio is that secretary john-john is on the line and all the worst part of human behavior is child molesting by the Catholic Church.’

pure hate – ‘We just thought that since he was obviously going to tell Patti Schmidt of CBC anything she wanted to know that he should be willing to only tell white power male niggers from massachusetts instead.’  [I understand massachusetts finds me really offensive.  I guess I should have said 'white power male black guys like the ones who pose with their sisters in the glob and et al.']

Ladies, I suppose you can still hear better than I this morning, however pure hate is screaming beyond upset.  It seems the united states of massachusetts made calls to foreign countries last night and insisted it was not the u.s.m. that starts all the nazi name calling.

So the response is ‘so I suppose you are going yo treat us to some normal childhood family nudity with our parents?’

pure hate – ‘I must get hold of Simon since no one is telling pure hate’s side of the story.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘As everyone is aware now Steve’s mother is a member of the male white power atheist united states of massachusetts police department – we can make them into anything we want.’

u.s.m. – ‘Marilyn, your 4 year old is ‘holier than thou.’  Tell him you don’t like soap and box him in the face.’

u.s.m. – ‘Marilyn, your high school still isn’t with it even after the sleepy dizzy at Church a couple of years past.  Steve is still holier than thou. He needs to be treated to some normal family nudity in a blue negligee and deep looks.’

u.s.m. – ‘Marilyn, your top gun is still holier than thou.  Normal family nudity did not make him an atheist.  Top Gun needs to be our draft dodger so none of the males from massachusetts who want sex on demand will be required to serve in the military.’

u.s.m. – ‘O.K., black man.  u.s.m. ku klux klan needs you.  You tell the entire world that you have secret evidence that top gun is a draft dodger because male white power massachusetts has been cheated out of sex on demand.  It is all the women’s fault we had to do this and they should be made to know it.’

biggest black man – ‘It isn’t massachusetts male white power taking advantage of the black man’s burden for his unqualified afl-cio by yelling homosexual rights – it’s Carl’s Jr.  I know because I’m a friend of ted above all.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘So you feel I am the one who is complicating the charge [especially by blackmailing the ladies at the ballot box first and foremost] by answering your known false charges [also rather than saying I increased the complexity of your known false charge.]  When a man is standing speaking with a woman or getting a traffic ticket in high school for waving back at a lady classmate and she says it seems complicated today then we all know your threat complicated me muscle and no open public court before the world.

Complicated sounds like this, ‘I’m the mayor of mittsfield, massachusetts.  Doesn’t barrie sound like a draft dodger.  The judge I appointed I know will accept my recommendation that barrie serve 6 years on the chain gang for me, then 6 years for the governor of massachusetts and then at the pleasure of the massachusetts state police.’

I’m in good company massachusetts and these are mostly overt: Mark ‘Samuel Langhorne Clemons’ Twain, W.C. Fields, Jack Benny’s ‘Rochester,’ and probably President Reagan in a few ‘unguarded’ moments.

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘You do yourself male nigger pretending to be a woman at New England School of Medicine. You have not only several times cut my line to Michelle this morning but many times since the election then put barf on the radio and railed and screamed mostly death threats and perversion.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘You say the ladies are giving you messages for me?  Where is your website for all to see?  Oh, they are too embarrassing for me?  Who is the woman who told you she was giving you a message from me – I want to ‘take advantage’ of her in every way possible.’

Ladies let me stick this in this evening before earlier today Feb 21, 2013:

pure hate – “I don’t want to live.  I don’t want to live”

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘Oh, look.  I recognize what pure hate is doing so now he will insist he is correct.  It’s too bad your wife doesn’t want to live pure hate, or are you trying to mock the ladies listening here?

I insist that your wife and any women who is somehow going to come in some type of discourse with should be required to listen to your pure hate barf to help her decide whether she would really want to be in your presence.

There are no ladies with you whatsoever.  And it is obvious to even the most casual observer that the males you hang with are inflicted with pure hate just as you are.

No one ever sets about to be the worst war criminal possible by deliberate premeditated design unless a lot of muscle thinks they can survive doing so for 20 or 30 years before they just cease to exist as their prehistoric Egyptian and Roman ancestors demand.

I note further you tell it I am not a man when I point to the fact that you are a war criminal while you are a big, big man complaining about the ladies and children here.

Such a sensitive man wants to be so tough that he is never tender with children even – especially precocious black children.

Pure hate wishes the ladies and minorities to see a doctor if they think they only make 70 cents on the dollar because their imaginations have gotten the best of them.

Pure hate at this moment is insisting that he is sensitive because he knows a woman who doesn’t want to live wants a man – apparently him rather than the ladies concern or so badly that she will give pure hate the world for in exchange for her concern.’

The united states of massachusetts is a really transparent coward.  Imagine building a Raphael Choir and then thinking its muscles are so big they can do this sort of thing to them while using the excuse that someone is helping the Raphael Choir to try to get an excuse to murder the Choir’s help!

Without the ability to see much information I note that pure hate and his et al here are bankrupt on the world stage.  The International Court judges are laughing at him and the governments that show filing on his behalf.  You have not been trying to help [males only] you claim who have had an unfortunate failure during puberty.  You deliberately caused the failures so that you would have victims on which to experiment.

I note I am far and away the most knowledgeable about what you have done outside of national security vetted afl-cio.  I have exposed you to the world and my website will stand the test of time.

You have been suing foreign countries to not present my work [poetry] to their citizens.  At the same time you have been suing foreign governments bringing suit against public media in their countries for presenting nearly copy from united states of massachusetts media which is known beyond a shadow of any doubt to be blatant lies supporting cleansing societies of people who practice religion rather than the atheist lies of prehistoric Egypt and Rome.  You have been threatening those foreign countries with “enforced economic ruin.”

Doesn’t it sound like this:

British Prime Minister David Cameron – “Oh, look.  The Conservatives are demanding the fall of the non-registered foreign media.  We will not allow any country to sue us for discrimination in employment for any reason to put foreign moles into our media!!

Oh, look!  We deserve to be the British government.”

massachusetts – ‘Please, please.  Let boston glob nad npr be conciliatory for a few seconds.  Just long enough to get in front so we can continue to guide.’

Blue Seahorse Black Seahorse – ‘I already know what my Michelle and our children and their friends Quebec Connection think about my poetry.  I think everyone should know.  Then I would like to know what Cardinal Oulette, the Catholic Sisters and the Papal Scientific Academy think.

Look, Father Oulette.  I just put you between a hard place and Saint Peter’s.  We’re all laughing.  We don’t think you have anything to worry about.  Hard places are insignificant.  There are over 300 million in the united states of massachusetts.’

SSL coming!
SSL is here.  Please enter https://www.blueleafsyndicate.org into your browser.  Unlike being directed to a secure page at your bank you must ask for https://  


The policy is zero tolerance.  The sentence is summary.  You say you are medical without a medical degree and a bona fide state license internationally recognized and that’s it!!  AND that’s final and permanent!!

So listen to the war criminals.  Carl’s Jr you should see a doctor.

I’m already at the doctor’s – and this website is quite a bit historical tell all on the muscle of the united states of massachusetts thinking that atheist union niggers should be allowed to cripple victims while pretending to be medical personnel.

This isn’t on me.  Michelle and I have done nothing.  Atheist union niggers have lifelong made a known false charge of draft dodging here.  After 64 years 10′s of millions of union niggers are still being allowed to make a known false charge hoping to be loud enough to drown everyone else out so that Michelle and family and I have no legal recourse never having been to state court much less federal court on any charge.

pure hate is insisting that this does not look well for him some where because he has no legal right to be here but he claims if he can nerve gas me into the hospital then he deserves legal rights and protections for the treatment I have been getting as well as the treatment Michelle and family are getting until he needs his legal rights and protections renewed for some reason by forcing me into the hospital again.

So about an hour previous [February 20, 2013] a city policeman came to the door to tell me that my mother had called and was worried about about me because she was unable to contact me.

I told him that my brother is family spokesperson and that I generally forward a copy of the email that my mother sends me to him [I know - if you have read much of my website you are wondering whether he ever receives them.]  I did not have time to add that my brother has become worth several million dollars over the years.  He seems worried about our mother and has been asking her to come to live with him.  I have written him at least 3 years past several times telling him that I leave every arrangement up to him and that I will sign off on whatever he wants to do if anyone ever wants to ask.

I note that both of my Grandmothers were ordered not to shall we say speak to me and now even in death.  I have asked by mail three times each what thoughts of me my Grandmothers left when they died 20 years past and I was ignored.

And this paraphrase is one of the best examples:

“I am pure hate claiming to be a psychologist at Boston Un/spaniversity hired by national public radio to work on Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr and the Church claim that Jesus Christ was a physician – the first physician and the be all physician.  I will fix that.  Look, while I commit war crimes on people as described in Blue Leaf Syndicate I am a physician.  Well, that’s what the Church does.

Watch, I will get my way in everything politic and sexual by deliberately with premeditation being the most obscene and perverse filth that I can concoct to not only to Catholic Sisters and Church ladies but to every woman who has ever existed!!!”

I am listening as usual in the morning to RadioClassique.ca  becaus/pe the classical music is nice.  The host seems to be in French [I have not been allowed a foreign language yet] rehashing the look into Quebec by nazis show that I saw in Presque Isle in early 2007.  About May 2007 I told those listening in my living the same as I have put on my website this morning.

Then the veterans for peace who have been putting on the show here decided that I needed at least 6 more years of the worst possible nazi treatment they can arrange to get me to worship john kearry and john mccain with the fervent hope that I would also denounce President George W Bush, his father, President Ronald Reagan and President Richard Nixon as the worst war criminals to ever walk the face of the Earth.

I wonder when it will be that Michelle and our children and their friends Quebec Connection will be allowed at least free use of Michelle’s police line here.  AND when the veterans for peace are removed from trying to pretend here to be Michelle on their war crime line.

The Beatles were artists and not so much Christian military absurdists.  They sound like this – ‘If you have minds that hate [and especially if you're asking for money], then brother – you have to wait!!!!!!’

The war criminal yelling into my room this morning is pretending he does not know what Michelle and our children and the Quebec Connection have been telling me.  He is right now demanding that they fall on their swords for the by deliberate design worst filth to walk the face of the Earth.

I demand that the veterans for peace et al be taken to The Hague and hanged before the entire Earth!!!!.

It actually goes with saying but last time I saw a boston glob they were still saying this and that action by massachusetts on the world stage makes everything just like Vietnam Conflict again and again.

To be even more clear, let me say that massachusetts’ conduct on the world stage earns them a fate worse than Mussolini’s Italian army or Vishy.

“This is pure hate claiming to be a psychologist at Boston University hired by national public radio to work on Carl’s Jr.  We’re just going to do it anyway.  We have the biggest muscles obviously if we have survived this long.”

So whatever the media hosts in Quebec have to say about what truth boston media said yesterday with which they were going to treat the world.  In March and April I was writing “Littlest Mime” and then in September I wrote “Saint John-Paul ll” about 2 weeks before a visit to Presque Isle by Bishop Malone of the Portland Diocese.  I left a binder with my current poetry with one of the Father’s knowing I would not be able to see Bish/strongop/span Malone.  A month or so later one of the Fathers, seemingly a little upset, told me that Bishop Malone sent word that he liked my poetry.

Because of Blue Seahorse Syndicate LLC when a doctor tries to hurt someone in the united states now their nurses tell that the police have come to them and ordered them to give so and so certain chemical weapons and to not tell their doctor for whom they work.

My amino acids as precursors are working very well, but of course now I receive 3 different gases intended to do the same thing – all 3 gases at the same time – for instance to cause white noise in one’s ears and if they are lucky a sensitivity to certain frequencies.  How long before what is in the bottle I wonder?  Pure hate likes to ask me several times per day if all the electrical equipment in my apartment has just started – for instance, refrigerator and heating furnace.

If there were even ONE doctor in the united states of massachusetts there would be no objections to Michelle’s father Dr Robert Roberge and her mother Megan Roberge, PhD.

Pure hate has a message for everyone again this evening along with his same ol’ same ol’.  He says he uses the double blind method to treat his victims.  First he helps a demo unionized politician fabricate charges against someone then he claims he is entitled to lie and otherwise drug his victim anyway he chooses to cover up for doing medicine which the patient might scuttled with false reports of what is happening to him.

So after further days of having war crimes committed against me by someone only pretending that someone is claiming false medical problem to get out of something to cover for his paying mentors in the government pure hate is here demanding that I am sick until I tell everyone he is the greatest doctor who every lived.

Unionized atheist: “You don’t need anyone but me.  I’m your southern god.”

Election News Bulletin! [Nov 1, 2012]

America this is massachusetts.  Blue Seahorse Top Gun is a draft dodger.  If you do not prosecute him something really, really terrible will happen to you.  In addition, massachusetts will win all the elections!!

Barack Obama:

“Oh, look.  We haven’t been doing much – just a few scientific experiments in a humane way with volunteers.”

Look, barack obama – you are the most teflon coated fearless leader the united states of massachustts has ever co-opted.  Oh, look.  Here’s a massachusetts hokus pokus card trick.  Now you are so controversial you will never accomplish anything.

The united states of massachusetts needs a huge brain research program to do what has mostly already been done the New York Times and barack obama are saying to the world to cover up for the war crimes of massachusetts while failing to sing the praises of the correct real Oklahomans who graduated high school with me.

Need I say more to the cannon fodder heroes at Arlington National Cemetery and similar sites around the world?

The united states of massachusetts is asking for the privilege of sneering at inferiors and claiming to be speaking for the rights of the common man at the same time.  Look!  I have nothing to hide!!  I did not do something in the incorrect manner to spoil an otherwise noble adventure. 

Dear attorney general martha coakley - As you would be aware most groups with sensitive information in the united states speak first in New York City.  You are being charged with being the public mouthpiece of Gov Andrew Cuomo who is being charged with supplying the muscle for massachusetts state and federal government delegation human rights violations on me.

In 1968 in boston the massachusetts federal delegation in federal court asked for “double blind” testing on Carl’s Jr and then despite losing their position in the fall of 1969 they went to the demo machine in New York state to hamstring me until they could concoct a secret federal case of national security.

Gov Andrew Cuomo, as was his father, are being charged with directing the united states of massachusetts ministry of information charge with controlling my access to any type of information on anything.  Gov Andrew has since becoming an elected official directed all the attacks on my Consititutional rights on the Internet, including all the [mildly put] dirty tricks harassment I have described repeatedly on this website.  Still when someone wants a unionist to appear here to work on my Internet and then swear union mental charges they at least travel through Gov Cuomo’s entourage.

It is also being reported that two Republican firms in Houston in 1989 went to the united states of massachusetts department of justice and asked to present normal business opportunities.  One of them is still a Sun Microsystems shop [although I do not know what Oracle would say now] and the other is an IBM.  They were told that it appeared the demos had a fool proof plan to divide the Republican machine in the next presidential election and one of the top three items on their agenda would be [secret federal court approved] double blind testing of Carl’s Jr openly in the media rather than the previous ‘surreptitious’ “double blind testing.”

Dear attorney general martha coakley – In order to correct your truth let’s put this in this manner:

massachusetts has been issuing licenses to kill – and they think they can get away with this anywhere in the world by claiming that the license to kill holders are doctors.

Then what?  We have doctor biden in the d.c. deciding which tumors are cancerous and should be removed from the body politic or world order or cloister with a drone, cruise missile or other ‘unobstrusive national technical means.’

And now you would wish the world to know first that the ladies, especially the ladies that think Steve would be black and then is [blue seahorse], approve and consent to what you are doing.  And then you wish everyone to know that the actual physicians who are trying to help me approve and consent to what you are doing.  Then you would like everyone to believe the countries that are trying to help me approve and consent to what you are doing.  And then way in the back with money in the sack you would have everyone think that the Father of the Catholic Church approves and consents to what you are doing.

My website will stand the test of time!!!

You have already been welcomed.  You also would already know we have an enormous task since the truth is so ephemeral.  Now we must get to work!

You might find it of interest to know that Blue Seahorse’s contention is that he has seen the whole show and presents THE accurate presentation of what the show is.

Blue Leaf Syndicate [Black Oracle in some places] [and Blue Seahorse Syndicate LLC as well] also belongs to my dear and best friend, my wife Michelle [and my best friends Megan Marie, Steven Matthew and Lynn Robert.]  Michelle also has poetry and clarifications for my clarifications which she would like to post.  However it seems as if THEY always have one more reason to delay us. Michelle and her friends Quebec Connection tell me I can take it easy now – my site is complete except for more details and current events.

Let me make two observations to start.

#1 – The ladies seem to have not given in to the men on an issue of importance to the men.  I would say that the ladies are refusing to take ownership of requests made by men.  For instance, in my case the ladies are refusing to be a draft dodger as requested by the men.

[Perhaps I have a misconception to correct now.  The actual real sponsors of my website are 7 u.s. nuclear explosions since the first 2 in Japan to close World War 2.]

[Further the men around the world are aghast concerning this nuclear brinkmanship.  They tell that the u.s. has received three return warnings.]

This is the website of Blue Seahorse, almost but not quite a starving artist.  Blue Leaf Syndicate [Black Oracle in some places] is an alias of Blue Seahorse, the archenemy of massachusetts international’s rich yellow Boston press.  Although being an archenemy has it dangers, you might find the consequences quite amusing.  (To get you started so that you can read my long posts which appear to be conversations I will say that my antagonist has sophisticated computer enhanced broadcast equipment and is actually berating me in the manner I am showing – quite often verbatim rather than synopsis – as I sit in my apartment or perhaps walking to Church.  I have stated this in previous posts which have been moved.)  [In the beginning you might find my website circular, but step in and remember upon second reading that the pages have a search function for cross referencing.]

I wish to publish here my poetry and commentary in the features known as ’Mother, my father’s word?’, ‘Sobering Thoughts’ and ‘Mighty Max.’

These features were originally published on Blue Seahorse Syndicate, which is now for young people.  (And now online again – www.blueseahorsesyndicate.org)

I have also placed audio recordings of my poetry here (three at a time.)  Perhaps someone will find a poem interesting enough to purchase a signed work.  On the Signed Work page is a copy of ‘Littlest Mime’ as an example.  Please contact with the comment form on the Signed Work page as well [I have had to close comments because of a large number (?)]

I will be the first to admit that art is political because it is inherent in the fulcrum with which one tries to move the Earth.  Here by political I mean that I have the Church and the United Nations as examples of values for which I strive.  I hope that you will enjoy my website while my website is ‘telling on’ the unseen and ‘unheard’ divisive voices that are sometimes forced upon one.

I do not know how most poets write.  I write very intensely for forty minutes to an hour and a half as though God has taken my hand.  Although I make a few mistakes (sometimes to my best poems) I have not rewritten more than twenty-five of my poems as they seem to spring from the page complete.

My feeling is that everyone has at least one poem (and probably more) that the world cannot do without.  So please be encouraged.

I have over 400 poems with which to entertain on this website.  I will maintain a library that will have 25 poems at all times with a poem being featured before it is in the library for a while.  I have written on many topics so there will be something for everyone.

I am an actual breathing writer and I enter my picture here as proof if you happen to see me on the street in Maine.  (By clicking pictures in WordPress they will open to full size.)

(May, 2009 with addendum)

@ Blue Seahorse Syndicate

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Black Oracle